Art to Go

December 20, 2010

A sale of art and photographic prints from previous exhibitors in support of Carre Gallery.

Tiger Photographs by Barry Bland

From Monday 20 December to Saturday 15 January 2011 the Carre is holding an exhibition of prints for sale of fine art and photography from previous exhibitors at the gallery.


Apple Tree by Ian Cox

This is an opportunity to revisit some of the excellent work of our artists and to purchase modestly-priced prints.

We have a selection of one-off prints which were especially commissioned for the Carre Gallery with the generous permission of the artists.  We also have a selection of photographs including superb canvas and framed images of tigers and primates by Barry Bland

To suit the smaller budget we have mounted unframed photographs which will appeal to adults as well as our younger audience.

Barry Bland photos with Glynne James Landscapes

List of artists in no particular order: Carol Bratley, John Lincoln, Wendy Dabrowska, Jill Tattersal, May Jones, Roger Curnow, Leszek Dabrowski, Ian Cox, Glynne James, Peter Hayward, Barry Bland, Michael Webster, David Scargill, Windham Hime, Mary Newman.

Come in and buy a perfect present for an art-lover; or simply treat yourself at this special time of year.

Please note the gallery will be closed  from 25 December to 03 January inclusive and will reopen on Tuesday 04 Jan 2011.

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