Peggy Tacey – Traditional Japanese Embroidery

April 18, 2011

Peggy Tacey

Sculpture – Silk thread and gold thread on gold fabric. By Peggy Tacey

Nihon Shishu – Traditional Japanese Embroidery

This is no ordinary embroidery; it is a craft dating back centuries and requires a deep respect for the traditional techniques.  Students of Nuido (The Way of Embroidery) must demonstrate an increasing level of skill by producing set pieces of increasing complexity and are not allowed to attempt ‘higher’ works until they have completed ten stages of assessment.

Peggy is one such person who has attained this quality having traveled to Japan in the pursuit of her knowledge.  Her work was included in the prestigious third Japanese Embroidery World Exhibition held in Cambridge.

Camellias – silk thread on habatia fabric. By Peggy Tacey

Fine silk threads, often intertwined with real gold thread are painstakingly applied to carefully selected backgrounds; this craft insists on the finest quality textiles, threads and tools.  The resulting art has an almost mythical quality and seems to transport the viewer back to an ancient Japanese landscape of beauty and tranquility.

Crane by Peggy Tacey

Sculpture – detail. By Peggy Tacey











Exhibition dates: 18 April to 30 April 2011.

Artwork and gallery photographed by Martin Cameron

2 Responses to “Peggy Tacey – Traditional Japanese Embroidery”

  1. Yasmin Says:

    Very beautiful work.

  2. Patti Says:

    Gorgeous work!

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