Glynne James – Landscapes of the Fens

August 29, 2011

Art by Glynne James

A welcome return to Carre Gallery of this popular artist who paints Lincolnshire Landscapes in a distinctive style.  Glynne James exhibits extensively and his work is in private collections in the UK, Japan, The Netherlands and America.

Sunset over Polythene Fields by Glynne James

“My paintings are about time and space within the landscape, vast skies and huge tracts of farmland that can change in a matter of minutes or over a lifetime.”

“I try to paint the progression of the landscape from when a seed is sown to when the crop is grown; a new buiding, a gentle breeze or a summer storm, all have an influence on how we look at the landscape and what we feel.”

“When people say the fens are empty, that is because they have not really looked. A telephone pole, a solitary tree or the new wind turbines and power stations all have a place in our time; all should be seen.”

“My work is about the contrasts in nature, I try to portray the landscape in all its moods at different times of day and year.”

The exhibition is open every day 10 am – 4 pm from Mon 29 August until Sat 03 September 2011.

2 Responses to “Glynne James – Landscapes of the Fens”

  1. Bev Bunker Says:

    I ‘stumbled upon’ your website through WordPress and I quite enjoy the artist’s works you are representing. Its a very nice selection and quite diverse. I am a gallery-represented artist here in western Canada, painting the landscapes of the western Canadian landscape. I was particularily interested when I saw the work of the lady doing the Japanese Silk Embroidery, as I do the same work myself from the same place she learned it! What a small world. I look forward to more postings from your gallery. Thank you.

    • carregallery Says:

      Thank you Bev for your comment. It is a pleasure to see visitors from across the globe and we are pleased that you like the work that we show. Kind regards, The Gallery Team.

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