Anne Barnham and Peter Hayward

September 12, 2011

Near Castlefreke by Anne Barnham

Anne Barnham was born in Carlisle and has since moved around the country and abroad.  She has a deep love of outdoor life and found settling in Lincolnshire a real delight.

“Lincolnshire’s great skies and distances are made for fresh and clear watercolour”

“Landscapes and water appeal most but sometimes I like to have a building or structure of some kind to offset the gentleness of nature.  The Norfolk Coast and Southern Ireland have introduced me to the enjoyment of boats and coastlines.”

“The Contrast between tones and shapes with deep, clear colours is exciting and I try to convey this in my work.  Atmosphere is important too, whether early morning, evening sunset or a stormy day there is always a different effect for the painting.  I paint flowers in semi-botanical style and I am enjoying the challenge of using different back washes and effects.  Dogs and cats also feature in my work.”

The Slea at Cogglesford by Peter Hayward

Peter Hayward was brought up in North Hertfordshire in the 40’s and 50’s and went to art school at 16, firstly in St Albans and subsequently Luton and Goldsmiths College in London where he studied painting and stone carving.

“I have always drawn and painted, with a preference for landscape and direct observation.  I try to depict atmospheric distance and seem increasingly to be trying to express a sense of serenity in my pictures.  This might have resulted from a neurological illness (Guillain Barré Syndrome) in 2004 which left me paralysed for six months.  Despite a good recovery I still find difficulty with many things and tend to work on a smaller scale, most frequently in watercolour.  On the other hand it might just be a result of getting older!”

The exhibition is open every day 10 am – 5 pm from Mon 12 September until Sat 17 September 2011.

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