Lincolnshire Community and Life Exhibition

September 26, 2011

Sponsored by Rupert King and Co. Chartered Accountants

Detail from The Market Place (Sleaford), an original painting by Rosi Campbell

The current exhibition at Sleaford’s Carre Gallery is a healthy mix of art from a number of Lincolnshire artists which illustrates “Lincolnshire Community and Life”.  The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography and textiles with subject matter ranging from simple portraits to agricultural and industrial activity.  Some are serious studies while others are humorous light-hearted views of this great county of Lincolnshire.

photos Martin Cameron, Robin Hall

Mary Newman of the Carre Gallery says, “Our group exhibitions are always a pleasure to see – we get such a mix of ideas and techniques that make for an exciting show.”

Rupert King presents awards to Phil Janes and Ian Cox

Prizes were awarded in three categories, Painting, Photography and Drawing.  At the private view on Monday evening exhibition sponsor Rupert King said, “All the work is of a very high standard and I’d like to congratulate all exhibitors on being chosen to exhibit.” He added, “Making my choice was difficult but I enjoyed the experience immensely.  I would say that all those who did not win came second!”

The Gallery by Phil Janes awarded  Best Painting.

“I started to think about the Carre gallery and what it means to me and what I thought it means to the community.  I like the idea of using high or unusual viewpoints because it makes you distort the image in your head as you’re painting.  The foreground becomes the air above the view and by putting a paper aeroplane folded out of the competition entry form (which I thought would be cheeky) gives the painting depth. Everything else is up to the viewer to interpret.”

The Passage (charcoal drawing) by Ian Cox awarded Best Drawing.

“I wanted to depict local work and TK King’s in Leasingham kindly gave me free range of their factory. I chose to work in charcoal to get an instant impression and tried to depict movement in The Passage with vague shadowy figures and a liberal use of the rubber to eliminate detail.”

Siblings 1982 – Wasp’s Nest by Martin Cameron awarded Best Photograph.

“I took this photo of my niece and nephew in 1982 using a borrowed Rolleiflex loaded with transparency film.  Now, almost thirty years later, they both have children of their own.  This is a snapshot in time which shows that nothing really changes; it could almost have been taken fifty years ago or just yesterday.”

Exhibiting Artists:  Derek Ashman, Martin Cameron, Ian Cox, Anne Dolan, Muriel Elliott, Robin Gooch, Robin Hall, Phil Janes, Claire Leach, Ann Mackenzie and Pete Spaczynski.

Exhibition Opening:  10 am – 4 pm from Mon 27 Sep until Sat 01 Oct 2011

Carre Gallery would like to express its gratitude to Rupert King and Co. Chartered Accountants for their generous sponsorship of this exhibition.

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