The Windham Hime Memorial Exhibition 2012

March 13, 2012

Now and Then – An exhibition of paintings by Malcolm Doughty

Malcolm Doughty and Guests

This year’s invited artist, Malcolm Doughty has been a professional artist for the last 39 years. Although he paints to commission with a wide variety of subject matter, he endeavours to keep the emphasis on all things Lincolnshire, its landscape, towns, villages and characters.

Sunset, Snow and Frost by Malcolm Doughty

In spite of his long career and popularity as an artist Malcolm  admits it is quite some time since he staged a solo exhibition.  Although trying to make the subject matter as broad as possible, including portraits and an abstract, he is drawn to his local landscapes.

In a recent interview with the Sleaford Standard he says: “Even after 39 years of recording parts of Lincolnshire I still get a great deal of inspiration within walking distance of my home between Ancaster an South Rauceby.”

“I tend to focus on overlooked corners and byways but there are a few well-known views that I couldn’t resist and one with historical interest to Sleaford people.”

Malcolm’s art and poetry were featured in last year’s Poetry, Paintings and Prose exhibition at Carre Gallery last year, and he has included some of his Lincolnshire-inspired poems in this exhibition.

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm, Mon – Sat  from 12 March until 24 March.

The Bridge at Helpringham by Malcolm Doughty

One Response to “The Windham Hime Memorial Exhibition 2012”

  1. I know Malcolm best as a poet with his wonderful ability to paint a picture with words in a way that flows with elegance and style that is simply spellbinding! I am very much looking forward to visiting the gallery to view his paintings in the next week for from all reports these are equally as beautiful! Every best wish, Malcolm with the exhibition – you are a worthy gentlemen and great artist indeed.

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