Jana Siebers – Drawings and Paintings

April 1, 2012

Veil of Being-Water. Pencil, Gouache & Oil on Paper. Jana Siebers.

Award-winning Jana Siebers is no stranger to the Carre Gallery.  She has previously staged an exhibition here and is a regular contributor to our open exhibitions.  In 2010 she was overall winner in the prestigious Carre Summer Open Exhibition.

Veil of Being - Life Quilt. Pencil & Gouache on Paper. Jana Siebers.

Jana says, “I like exhibiting here.  There is space to stand back and appreciate larger pieces while the intimate feel allows you to get close up to see the fine detail.  I think this is essential for my drawings”

Gallery regulars will know that Jana was scheduled to exhibit at the Carre Gallery in December 2011 but had to cancel due to illness.  A healthy-looking Jana explains, “I wanted to give this exhibition all my energy but I was unable to do so; Carre Gallery kindly agreed to postpone until spring 2012.”  It was worth the wait.

As well as displaying her art Jana has a large selection of printed and hand-crafted cards for sale, so why not buy an alternative Easter greeting which will be enjoyed long after the chicks and bunnies have been consigned to the cupboard?  You are, of course, invited to buy framed work too.

Drawings and Paintings runs for two weeks from 31 March until 14 April 2012.  The gallery will be open every day including all of the Easter weekend.  Jana will be at the gallery from 1 pm every day at the weekends and during the Easter holiday.

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