An Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Keith Andreetti

August 20, 2012

Paintings of people…

… Also a couple of cats, a dog, two wild boar, dead trout, a hen, a cock, two donkeys, a bullock, a magpie, a blackbird, an angel and two stone figures.

Cacciata dal Paradiso

Keith Andreetti paints exclusively in oils on canvas with very little preliminary drawing.  His work is figurative and almost entirely consists of portraits and pictures of people.  His heroes are Caravaggio, Hogarth and Goya and he sometimes interprets their themes setting them in a modern context.

“I have had no training in art and never tried to paint till two years ago, but I have looked at and loved oil paintings for my whole life. I just love oil paint, the way it looks and the way it moves and lives on the canvas. No other medium does it for me.”

“I stand firmly in the figurative and ‘craftsman’ camps and get much satisfaction from handling every aspect of the process. I still use prepared canvases but with the larger works I like to stretch my own over home made stretchers. In this way I can control the size and shape.”

Julie through the Looking Glass

“Since starting I have painted almost one picture every week; all but three of them are portraits or pictures including people. I paint mainly because I find it calming and satisfying. I do not claim any great technical skill but my pictures seem to please some people and I have sold a number of commissioned portraits. There is an idea out there in the art world that art has to be innovative, different, even shocking, I just set out to tell my stories in ways that make me feel and smell the moment.”

79 Lower Sloane Street

An exhibition catalogue is available from Keith’s website

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm from Mon 20 Aug until Sat 25 Aug 2012.

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