Phil Janes and Eve Marshall

September 24, 2012


Phil Janes:

Phil Janes’ Old Man said that he could pursue a career in art but “there had to be a regular job and money at the end of it.”  Graphics seemed a good compromise so, after leaving school, Phil trained in Graphic Design at Luton school of Art and Design, not really knowing what Graphic Design was.  He had really wanted to study Fine Art.

After four years at Art School he was offered a job as a newspaper artist/visualiser on a new newspaper based in Luton.  The newspaper became very successful and Phil remained there for 17 years producing fast magic-marker visuals and advertisement ideas to sell advertising space to local businesses.

As computers started poking their heads round the door of the studio Phil decided that it was time to leave the newspaper (everyone was becoming a designer) and hawk his hand skills to advertising agencies that liked the energy of hand-rendered visuals and artwork, and the smell of Cow Gum and spirit markers.  He became a freelance artist and, for a number of years, had desk space at advertising agencies as well as working from home.

Taking a long break from commercial art and moving to Lincolnshire he remembered that graphic design was not his first choice, so he went back to the beginning of his art journey by joining a life drawing group.  He has now gone full circle and is back where it all started.  In his head he is now 15 years old again, back at school in the art room where everything is possible, life and art are exciting and need to be explored.

Phil describes his work as “varied with no particular style settled on yet” although a quirky theme runs through much of his art. He produces work that sometimes surprises himself – he even makes cigar box guitars.

Eve Marshall:  “It all begins with a bit of fluff and a lot of imagination.”

Eve Marshall creates unique and realistic felt art pieces.  She studied Fine Arts at university and spent most o her time painting with watercolours until she bought a felting kit in 2004.  Since then she has been exploring the medium by making animal and blower brooches, wall art, cushions, bags and kits.  Eve had exhibited at art galleries and shows throughout Britain and America.


Eve currently sells her craftwork in Things British on Carnaby Street in London, Hansen’s Chocolate Shop in Folkingham, and is a member of the Stamford Artisans Guild and the Alford Craft Market.  In the spring of 2012 she demonstrated and exhibited at the Country Living Show in London.  She demonstrates and teaches felting in Lincolnshire and creates work to sell at various craft fairs and art shows in England.  Some of the wool that Eve uses comes from the sheep that live in her village.  Each year she washes the fleeces for weeks before using them for her artwork.

The art pieces in this exhibition were first wet felted and then needle felted.  Wet felting is laying down wool fibres, adding hot water and soap, and then rubbing and rolling the fibres until they tangle together and shrink into a piece of felt.  Needle felting is using a sharp barbed needle to poke wool fibres into a piece of felt or into itself so that they tangle together and shrink into a solid shape.  Using these two techniques Eve creates one-of-a-kind artworks.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm until 29 September.  One or other of the artists will be present in the gallery throughout the exhibition.

Phil Janes, Eve Marshall and friends

©  Photography of artists and guests by Frank Emonds.  Other photos by Martin Cameron.

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