Unique Cottage Studios

October 30, 2012

An exhibition of pottery, stained glass, textiles, oil paintings, textiles and other media from a group of professional artists who work and teach at Unique Cottage Studios.  The exhibition also includes the work of students at the studios and demonstrates the quality, creativity and variety of both artists’ and students’ work.

Based in converted farm buildings on the outskirts of Spalding, Unique Cottage Studios offer a variety of creative pursuits for all levels of expertise and ages in a relaxing and stimulating setting.

The studio artists include Strawberry Glass (stained-glass artists David and Gillian Wing), potter Tony Orvis, textile artist Angela Daymond, and painting and drawing artists Ernie Butler and Carolyn Goodwin.

The Studios also have close working relationships with mosaic artist Fiona Gurney, creative willow artist Alison Walling, and Carol Parker who has a number of creative skills including felt and papier mache.

The Studios offer courses in a wide range of creative activities in addition to weekly pottery, painting and drawing classes, and monthly textile, knitting and printing groups. All artists are able to undertake commissions and are happy to arrange private classes for all levels, either in groups or individually.

Disabled facilities and access are available for the majority of the site.

Exhibiting Artists:  Carolyn Goodwin, Fiona Gurney, Carol Parker, Tony Orvis, Enid Leckie, David Wing, Alison Twelves, Jane Binnington, Gillian Wing, Ernie Butler, Jane Pullan, Angela Daymond, Jenifer Cottis, Wendy Quinnell.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday from 29 October until 10 November.

For more information about Unique Cottage Studios please visit the website: www.uniquecottagestudios.co.uk  Email: info@uniquecottagestudios.co.uk  Phone: 01775 766 698

All artwork photographed by Martin Cameron

2 Responses to “Unique Cottage Studios”

  1. gonerustic Says:

    Great venue! Wonderful to see old buildings given a new lease of life in this way, and showcasing and supporting local artists … =D

  2. […] I have a few pieces at the Unique Cottage Studios artists’ exhibition at the Carre Gallery https://carregallery.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/unique-cottage-studios/ […]

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