Near and Far – Iain Harkess

November 14, 2012

Local artist Iain Harkess has chosen Carre Gallery as the venue of his first solo exhibition in twenty years.

Canyonlands (watercolour) by Iain Harkess

‘Near and Far’ is an exhibition of watercolour paintings and is a mix of flower paintings, a selection of scenes from places Iain has visited around the world, as well as one or two more local views. Iain, who lives in South Rauceby is a keen gardener and his love of flowers has provided the inspiration for a series of colourful, striking paintings. ‘They are not botanical paintings as such but I try and capture some of the amazing colours, shapes shades and textures of the flower heads’.

Hollyhock (watercolour) by Iain Harkess

‘I’m really excited and of course nervous about the exhibition. It’s great to get feedback from visitors, negative or positive. Painting can sometimes be a bit lonely and insular and it’s really useful to hear peoples’ responses to my paintings. It’s been a while since I last had an exhibition – some 20 years ago in Boston. Since then my other ‘career’ in the NHS just got in the way of gathering a body of work together. But now I’ve focussed more on painting as a professional and I’m really looking forward to both producing more paintings and continuing with the never ending process of improving and learning.’

The exhibition is open daily from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm from Monday November 12 through to Saturday November 17. Iain will be painting in the gallery each day.

3 Responses to “Near and Far – Iain Harkess”

  1. artmoscow Says:

    That’s some proper use of watercolours I’ve not seen for a while… It would be really great if you find it possibe to share more of his work once the exhibition is over… For us, folks from the far end of the Continent ) Thank you!

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