‘If We are not There … Then we are Here

March 4, 2013

An exhibition by Sally Coulter and John M Harris


Sally Coulter grew up on the beautiful Furness Peninsula in Cumbria, surrounded by sea on three sides with the Lake District as its back drop.

View from my Window by Sally Coulter

View from my Window by Sally Coulter

“My work reflects my love of the countryside, dramatic landscapes, and the finer details of nature. As well as working in watercolours, pen, ink and wash, I am particularly interested in the Intaglio methods of printmaking. The exhibition has various prints on display, including linocuts, collagraphs and woodcuts. I like to produce black and white images, loving the simplicity and drama of them.”

Central Ride - Ingoldsby by Sally Coulter

Central Ride – Ingoldsby by Sally Coulter

On display are pieces of work published in Sally’s monthly column in the Stamford and Rutland Mercury. The column includes a piece of topical prose relating to the local countryside, and an Illustration to support it. The column, entitled ‘Country Journal’ is inspired by the Guardian’s Country Diary column.

“I hope you enjoy looking at my work and please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to have a piece of work created for yourself. Village scenes in simple pen, ink and wash or favourite plants in collagraph prints make wonderful personal gifts, in any chosen colour.”

Sally is currently studying for a degree in Illustration at New College Stamford.

John M Harris started painting with watercolours as a natural progression from using poster and powder paints as a child, although serious painting did not start to develop until later in life, after he had stopped playing in rock bands.

Down by the Seaside by John M Harris

Down by the Seaside by John M Harris

“My watercolours are usually of scenes or objects that appeal to me or make me happy. This has proved to be a viable reason to paint, as the commissioned paintings demonstrate!  I use artist quality watercolours, my favourite at the moment are Schminke. I work with a mixture of synthetic and sable brushes and experiment with different quality and brands of paper. Unfortunately I struggle to remember my favourite combinations, which helps to keep things interesting.

A couple of years ago I received a small set of oil paints as a present. About a year later I thought I might try them out and decided to paint somebody, as I always admired the great portraits found in stately homes. This has now blossomed into a fascination of painting people and capturing the person. I have progressed from the early set of oils to water-soluble oils (Holbein). These are more user friendly with no smell of thinners to annoy the household. They also allow me the best of both worlds in using oils as watercolours, though this may horrify the purists.

Sally and self-portrait by John M Harris

‘Sally’ and ‘Self-Portrait’ by John M Harris

This exhibition is a chance for me to demonstrate some of my finished work but also the background sketches and doodles that are a snap shot of what goes towards creating the whole. If you have any questions about my work, would like to buy or commission a painting then please do not hesitate to ask.”

Exhibition open:  10 am – 4 pm from 04 March until 09 March 2013.

Photography by Martin Cameron

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