Jennifer Cottis, Robin Hall and Barbara Melling

August 12, 2013

An exhibition featuring the winners of Carre Gallery Summer Show


Jennifer Cottis

Educated in London at Ealing School of Art and the Central School of Art and Design and twice winner of the RSA student travelling bursaries awards for design.  Examples of Jennifer’s designs have been included in major exhibitions at the prestigious Design Centre Stuttgart and the International Design Centre Berlin.  Her drawings, paintings and sculptures have been exhibited widely in private and public galleries throughout the country, winning prizes and awards including, Finalist in the national Arts Council-funded ‘Culture Cloud’ competition in 2012 at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham and Winner of the ‘Peoples Choice’ in the Carre Gallery Lincolnshire Community and Life exhibition, also in 2012.  Her work is in private collections in England and the USA.

Jennifer Cottis

Vaison La Romain – Old Town (oil on canvas) by Jennifer Cottis

“My work as an artist builds on a sound foundation in drawing skills and in the development of my personal visual language. I frequently move back and forth between two and three dimensions – each exploration informing and feeding back into the other – drawings translated into sculptures; sculptures translated into a further development of drawings and paintings.”

“The depiction of the sea has been a recurring theme throughout my career with an analysis of the constantly developing waves and the visual interpretation of movement. I have now moved these drawings into a three-dimensional form that tries to express the feelings and colours taken from the sketches – I think of them as three-dimensional paintings rather than functional pots. I am currently working on ceramic sculptures expressing the tension and compression of wave forms.”

“Recent Landscapes in Oil on Canvas from a painting excursion to Provence and the Ardeche depict the strong colours of the rhythmic landscape. Flat areas of colour and passive decorative zones are a description of the landscape reduced to bare essentials.  The paintings and ceramic sculptures of Whitby are in contrast to the vibrant colours of the South of France and depict the quirkiness of the area around the steps of Whitby with a vertiginous decent from the Abbey.”  Further information at (opens new window).

Robin Hall

Robin has been painting since he graduated in Graphic Design in 1993.  His first subjects were wildlife, particularly birds, and he exhibited at Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve.  Robin stopped painting for a while in the late 1990’s due to ill health but returned to creating art after recovering.  In 2002, to develop his skills further, he took a course with Christine Burnett at her studio in Grantham and discovered a love for painting landscapes, especially skies in watercolour and he has spent a number of years perfecting his watercolour technique. He also studied drawing with Trudy Friend.

View Near Mareham Lane, Sleaford by Robin Hall

View Near Mareham Lane, Sleaford by Robin Hall

“I believe that creativity is a necessity to all people whether it is art, music, poetry or photography.  I began to exhibit my art again at Carre Gallery when I entered my first painting (a view of Mareham Pastures in Sleaford) into the 2010 Summer Show. Since then I have been a regular exhibitor and sold a number of paintings.  Recently I have begun to experiment with other subjects and media and I am currently working on a series of abstract paintings exploring texture and colour.”

Robin is available to take on commissions including pet portraits which he produces using coloured pencil. Recent commissions have included a King Charles spaniel, an American Bloodhound, and several cats.  He also produced a portrait of Lady Carre in 2012 as a special commission.  Robin teaches small groups and one-to-one lessons in art. “I particularly like to use abstract and experimental art techniques to help both beginners and the more experienced artists to loosen up.”

Barbara Melling

Barbara has been making art for around 30 years and now works mainly in batik using silks, cottons and paper to make pictures, wall hangings and scarves.  She has been successfully designing and holding creative workshops for over fifteen years.

Mousehole Harbour Looking West

Mousehole Harbour Looking West (batik) by Barbara Melling

“When making batik work I use a mixture of traditional tools and processes along with experimental methods in the creation of my pieces. I work directly onto cotton lawn, cotton poplin or silk stretched on a frame. I use cjantings, but often work with brushes and with other techniques for applying the wax – the simpler the better. I choose Procion cold water reactive dyes to colour the cloth, which I apply by painting with brushes and also by dip dying, taking particular enjoyment from the crackle effect created by the dye penetrating cracks in the wax.  The textile drawings which I make on cotton fabrics using pen and inks also add to the body of my work.”

“Life, memory and death are the underlying philosophies behind most of my work. We have our allotted time and the space we inhabit is temporary, given to another when our time is ended. We cannot remember everything, but that which we can makes up the picture of our lives.”  More information at (opens new window).

More information on the Carre Gallery Summer Open Exhibition can be seen in the previous blog post or by clicking on this link (opens new window).

Photography of gallery by Martin Cameron

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