John Palmer – Pastel Painting Exhibition

November 4, 2013

Snow Leopard by John Palmer

Snow Leopard by John Palmer

John has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember and is an entirely self-taught artist working in the realistic style.  The exhibition has over fifty originals and many more prints available in a range of sizes and subjects including portraits, dancers, landscapes, animals, birds, still life, figures, botanical studies and pet and animal portraits.

Flower_400“Having experimented with a range of art media I came to pastels around ten years ago and now work exclusively in pastels and pastel pencils using a range of manufactures as each brand has its own particular properties; some soft and easily blendable, some harder and more suited to detailed work.

Although I enjoy and appreciate most art forms, my earliest influences came from the Dutch masters and their ilk whose work still inspires me today. Art and culture have always been strong interests for me along with the natural world which is a passion also. My aim is to represent the subjects I paint in a realistic and recognisable way whilst using artistic licence to apply lots of colour, light and shade for dramatic effect and added interest.”

Self Portrait_400More information on John’s website:

The exhibition is open daily 10 am – 4 pm from 04 November until 16 November.

 Artwork photographed at the gallery by Neville Hull

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