Martin Griffiths – First Light

December 2, 2013


MGriffiths_8058The photographic images in this exhibition are a result of a two-year collaboration between light sculptor Martin Griffiths, formerly a landscape painter, and the artist/photographer Richard Devereux, who spent ten months recording Martin’s light sculpture installations as they toured Lincolnshire as part of the East Midlands Cultural Olympiad project ‘First Light’. Some of the photographs have been developed into digital images, so that they may appear closer to paintings than photographs. They are among images which will be included in Martin’s forthcoming book ‘First Light’, which brings together the disciplines of painting, sculpture, architecture and photography, and attempts to explain the centuries-old relationship between creativity and nature.

Illustrated Talk at Carre Gallery on Saturday 07 December

On 07 December at 4 pm Martin will be giving an illustrated talk on his work, which will explore the questions:

How and why do artworks affect us?

How can an artist develop their personal creative potential?

Can artworks improve our well-being?

This talk is for anyone who loves art, and wishes to gain more from their engagement with it.

The exhibition in the Candlesby Room at Carre Gallery is open from 10 am to 4 pm daily from Mon 01 December until Saturday 07 December 2013.

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