Explorations – Robin Hall

March 23, 2014


Explorations is a collection of paintings in mixed media ranging from traditional watercolours, coloured pencil drawings and semi-abstract paintings using acrylics, inks, and watercolour. Almost all of the images are inspired by the Lincolnshire landscape.  Robin was born in Sleaford and has always been inspired by the surrounding countryside, the seasons, and the ever-changing skies.

Robin Hall

Robin Hall

“For me, as an artist, Lincolnshire is a truly inspiring place to live. Trying to capture that inspiration is a lifelong challenge and, through experimentation with various art materials and techniques, I try to capture the character of the Lincolnshire landscape.”

The title of the exhibition can describe the physical act of discovering the countryside and, more importantly, it reflects Robin’s belief that the way to learn about a particular medium is to explore. And that through this exploration we learn how the artists’ media truly work. That knowledge can then be used to depict the landscape and it’s ever changing atmospheres.

The Old Tree

The Old Tree

“Through exploration I am always learning something new about a medium. In a lot of my current work I use cling-film to create texture without the use of brushes. It gives another dimension to my landscapes.”

Explorations is held in the Bainton Room of the gallery and features framed paintings, original paintings in mounts, and hand painted cards.

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm every day from Mon 24 March until Sat 29 March.


Artwork above from left to right: Helpringham Church, Moonrise, View from Mareham Pastures.  Gallery photos by Laura-Jane Luff.  Robin Hall photographed by Martin Cameron.

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