Andrew Briggs and Karen Brown

October 20, 2014


A collection of work featuring Karen’s wildlife and animal paintings and Andrew’s seascapes, Lincolnshire farm animals and railway art.

ABriggs_River_450Andrew Briggs is a self-taught artist. At the age of nine he won a national painting competition to celebrate the seven millionth sale of the Thomas the Tank Engine series of books meeting the author, Revd Awdry, and the chance to spend the day with him on the Bluebell Railway. His interest in railway art continues and he became an Associate Member of the Guild of Railway Artists in 1995.

Inspiration is gathered from his love of steam trains, Lincolnshire’s bountiful beaches and a family history in livestock farming. His paintings are very detailed, drawing from his day job as an architectural technician. Seascape artworks always contain sand from the beach it is depicting.

ABriggs_Seascape_450He has completed commissions for premiership football and cricket clubs in the guise of caricatures of players for their match day programmes and yearly annuals. He provided the artwork for the RAF’s Swing Wing Band CD cover and undertakes private caricature commissions.

KBrown_Cow_450After finishing full-time education at Lincoln Art College Karen Brown worked in the print industry for over 16 years but now concentrates on pursuing her painting whilst holding a part-time Art Technician post.

Working in a highly detailed style using Chroma colour washes on mount board to give a fully worked tonal study, Karen can then spend many hours adding detail with Gouache paint which she finds is the perfect medium for recreating the textures of fur and feathers.

She mainly works as a commissioned artist painting pet portraits but I also focuses on making her own works particularly in the field of British Wildlife Art.

KBrown_Hedgehog_450Exhibition Opening:

10 am – 4 pm from Monday 20 October until Saturday 01 November (closed on Sundays).

Images supplied by the artists.  Gallery photography by Martin Cameron

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