Abstract Art Exhibition

April 27, 2015

An Exhibition of Art, Poetry and Prose in support of Sleaford Live Week


This year’s theme, Abstract Art, has been inspired by the remarkable record set at Sotheby’s February auction when an abstract painting by Gerhard Richter achieved a price of £30,400,000 (that’s right, over 30 million pounds!). This was a world record for any painting by a living European artist. The canvas titled ‘Abstraktes Bild’ measured 9ft 10in x 8ft 2in and was painted in 1986. Click here to see the painting on Sotheby’s website (opens new window).

Candlesby_450Once again, our Sleaford Live exhibition has two elements; excellent art by local artists with poetry and prose from the Sleaford Hub Writers group.

Now the exhibition is in place the Sleaford Hub Writers will create individual stories and poems for the exhibits, and these will be displayed with the artwork during Sleaford Live week, which starts on Fri 01 May. So it is worth visiting this exhibition twice. Firstly to enjoy your own interpretation of the abstract art; then to revisit to see the literary interpretation from the Hub Writers. Allow yourself to be drawn into this eclectic mix of colours, textures and ideas.

Bainton_450Exhibiting Artists:

Carol Bratley, Gloria Ward, Jana Siebers, Robin Hall, Jenny Lidsey, Anne Dolan, Phil Bowman, Malcolm Doughty, Lee Herring, Liz Williams, Ian Cox, John Lincoln, Paul Stuchbury, Pearl Hudson, Robin Gooch, Graham Humphrey, Ann Mackenzie, Steve Leaning, Anita Mortimer, Jess Fuller, Barbara Leaning, Amber Porter, Mike Weston, Gill Boyle, Nelson Porter, Stuart Vickers, Doug Fossey, Krisztina Theisler, Jayne Fox, Ronald Feeney.

The art exhibition runs from 27 April to 09 May.  The Hub Writers’ poetry and prose will be on display from 01 May until 09 May.  Gallery open 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday.


Pictured above, left to right, art by Anne Dolan, Jenny Lidsey, Robin Hall and Jana Siebers.  Photography by Martin Cameron.  Click any image to see a larger version.

One Response to “Abstract Art Exhibition”

  1. morag Murphy Says:

    I really enjoyed this exhibition. have never been here before but will certainly come again.

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