Portrait Exhibition

September 28, 2015

Lincolnshire Portrait Competition Sponsored by HODGSON BROTHERS LLP


The Portrait Exhibition returns for the second year with a mixture of painting, drawing, collage and photography. The exhibition will be judged in the early stages of the exhibition with the winner being announced on Thursday 01 October.

As usual we invite all visitors to vote for their favourite portrait for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ presented at the end of the exhibition.


Andrew Barke, Bob Bradley, Martin Cameron, Ian C Cox, Ronald Feeny, Peter Hayward, Janey Hill, Laura-Jane Luff, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Amber Porter, Nelson Porter, Peter Roche, Abby Smith, Mona Storey, D Wilson, Kim Wooldridge.


Exhibition open 10 am – 4 pm from Monday 28 September until Saturday 10 October. (The gallery is closed on Sundays.)

Image:  Brighton Front Selfie by Andrew Barke.  Photography by Martin Cameron.

Update:  Private View and Competition Results


The gallery held a private view on Thursday 01 October at which the results were announced and presentation made by Mary Newman. After thanking our esteemed guests Mary kindly relayed the judge’s thoughts.

“Judging this exhibition was a challenge but, in the judge’s opinion, three pieces stood out.”


Lynne by Laura Jane Luff was full of character and caught much more of the sitter’s personality than would a photograph. Very appealing.


John B by Abby Smith was a bold representation of a strong character. Great technique which filled a large canvas to good effect.


“But the prize goes to… Janey Hill for Janey (collage and mixed media). Intriguing, perplexing but an almost addictive image that demanded study and interpretation. If on permanent display I could imagine returning to it many times. Definitely something ‘new’ for the gallery.”  Janey, on the right below, was presented her award by Mary Newman.


Carre Gallery would like to thank our sponsors, Hodgson Brothers LLP for their generous support.

UPDATE:  People’s Choice.


Congratulations to Sleaford artist Laura-Jane Luff who won the People’s Choice Award for her painting ‘Lynne’.  Laura was presented with her certificate and prize at the gallery by director Chris Hodgson.

All photographs by © Martin Cameron. Click on any image to see a larger version.

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