The Coach House Studio presents Three Rooms

October 26, 2015

Artwork by Harriott Brand

Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields explores Word War I, the war which cost Europe a generation and changed the social fabric of our histories, through a range of stories, photograph, prints and real objects.

The objects – fragments of a soldier’s boot, letters from home and a Fumsup lucky charm often given to soldiers – bring new value and meaning to otherwise everyday things.



The act of removal from one country to another, the anonymity, the de-humanising of men and women and our response to the art created – the miniature is intriguing when viewed from a distance, an object of beauty which ceases to be when close-up.

The work prompts us to think about slavery directly and not as some distant historic events – our cities are built on the wealth made by slavery, and our connection to its legacy is explored here.



House are more than bricks and mortar, they hold deep memories and social histories hidden within their walls.

The work explores these histories through a series of dolls houses with curated interiors which tell the stories of the houses; previously forgotten calling cards, boxes, photographs, and writing cases tell the stories of family histories.

The exhibition is open from 26 Oct to 07 Nov 2015


Photography by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version.

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