Nature and Structure – Robin Hall and Martin Cameron

May 23, 2016

An exhibition of photography by Martin Cameron and paintings and drawings by Robin Hall.


Local artists Robin Hall and Martin Cameron present a joint exhibition of images exploring natural and man-made aspects of our landscape. Each artist observes different facets of their worlds. Robin, who works with a variety of media including watercolour, oil and pencil, is drawn to nature while Martin uses photography to concentrate on architectural details. Their individual views of the world create an interesting contrast of observations.

Both artists met through their involvement at the Carre Gallery, where this exhibition is being held. Martin explains, “Robin and I often take trips out to Lincolnshire locations with a view to creating images. We came to realise that, although we might share the same location, we observe very different things. Robin notices wildlife that I am oblivious to. I tend to look at the detail of buildings and other man-made features. I have a real love of architecture.”

Robin says, “My paintings are greatly influenced by the Lincolnshire landscape, its skies, and the wildlife that lives there. I enjoy going for walks in the countryside both around Sleaford, and further afield at places such as Gibraltar Point (where I was a volunteer in the late 90’s), and Donna Nook. I have a garden devoted to wildlife, and many of its wild visitors are becoming subjects in my paintings. I use photography as a means of gathering reference material for my pictures, whether it is a dramatic sky, a view across the Lincolnshire coast, or a cheeky squirrel feeding in my garden.”

The pair thought their different styles would make an interesting mix so decided to go ahead with Nature and Structure, their first joint exhibition.

The exhibition is open every day 10 am – 4 pm every day until Sat 04 June.

RHall_GibraltarPoint_500Robin Hall:

Robin is a Sleaford-based artist specialising in landscape, wildlife, and pet portrait painting.  Born in Sleaford, Robin attended York College of Arts and Technology, where he attained a BTEC diploma in General art and design. He then went to Coventry University where he graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.

Robin has also studied calligraphy at the Open College for the Arts, watercolour with Christine Burnett, and drawing with well-known art tutor and author Trudy Friend.

Robin works with a variety of media, including watercolour, coloured pencils, pen & ink, oil, oil pastel, soft pastel, acrylic ink, and graphite.

Robin has recently become Artist in Residence at Carre Gallery, where he is also a volunteer.

MCameron_ThreeHuts_Mablethorpe_500Martin Cameron:

Originally schooled in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, Martin spent many years as a London-based studio photographer in the commercial fields of advertising, corporate and editorial work. Now living in Grantham, he has moved out of the rigid studio environment enjoying the freedom to travel and photograph people and places.

Martin still undertakes commissions although he mainly shoots images for exhibition prints and stock photography. He prefers to show the world as he finds it and does not create composite images or use digital colour enhancing; what you see is more or less what the camera saw. Martin’s work is held in private collections internationally as well as in the UK.  Local venues, which have exhibited his work, include Lincoln’s Sam Scorer Gallery, Sleaford’s Carre Gallery, the National Centre for Craft and Design, Grantham Museum and Stamford Arts Centre.

Martin is actively involved in promoting Lincolnshire artists and is a great advocate for protecting artists’ rights. He is a director of Carre Gallery and also a director of EPUK (Editorial Photographers UK), an organisation which campaigns for photographers’ rights. He is a law graduate with post-graduate qualifications in commercial and copyright law and has worked as an advisor to the Association of Photographers in London.

Images from the top:  Fly Past – Canada Geese over Gibraltar Point by Robin Hall; Corrugated Lines by Martin Cameron; Gibraltar Point from Mill Hill by Robin Hall; Three Huts – Mablethorpe by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version.

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