Glynne James

August 22, 2016

GJames_TheWhiteKnights_550Glynne James is a Lincolnshire artist who has recently moved to Boston from Sleaford where he and his family lived for 35 years. Glynne was born and raised in Hertfordshire where he started painting and exhibiting his work, but moved to Lincolnshire in 1974 and fell in love with the fens. He stared to develop his own unique style depicting the ever-changing and fascinating fenland landscape.

GJames_TheBiggestHouseInTheFens_550The temporal approach is the essence of Glynne’s work and results in highly stylised canvases. Each painting approaches the landscape in terms of its changes, not as individual paintings but upon the same canvas, strips of fenland character displayed as a coherent whole. On occasions the adjacent strips are subtly differentiated as if moving from one minute’s observation to the next; on others the changes are sudden and startling – a field of wheat becomes a sea of plastic; a distant shape becomes a blazingly lit power station. Landscape which may appear featureless to the casual observer is presented with its components highlighted. It is evident that the twenty-first century is upon us, be it in the growing of new crops, the threat of climate change or the understated march of machinery. These paintings wake us from our dreamy preconception of what landscape painting is, and challenge the viewer to see the Fenland Landscape and not just look at it.

Glynne’s recent exhibitions have been at Store Street Gallery in Bloomsbury, London, The Affordable Arts Fair at Battersea Park, London and Stockholm, Sweden. Glynne is also a Gallery Artist at Arts Coritani in Swineshead, Lincolnshire, Stark Gallery in Canterbury and has work regularly on show at Buckenham Galleries in Southwold, Suffolk.

Exhibition open 10 am – 4 pm every day except Sunday until 03 September 2016.

GJames_IndianSummer_550Images from top: The White Knights, The Biggest House in the Fens, Indian Summer photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new window).

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