Building Pictures – Richard V Thomas

November 14, 2016

0229 Spitfires_550.jpgOriginally from South Wales and trained as an illustrator, Richard has lived and worked in Lincolnshire for the last fifteen years.  His life-long passion for drawing and painting has attracted him to subjects such as dramatic coastline and the personal stories found through portraits.

2015 Hendrix_550.jpgRichard has recently began to work with collage, creating exciting and unique imagery.  His earliest ‘art’ memory is as a boy copying fro comics, marveling at fantastic characters.  This theme and love for ‘pop culture’ has remained a constant in much of his work.  Richard has exhibited in Lincoln a number of times at Gallery at St. Martin’s and the Sam Scorer Gallery and he is also a regular trader at the Lincoln Artists’ Market.  This will be Richard’s second exhibition at the Carre Gallery.

17931 Hare_550.jpgThis exhibition is made up of painting and collage works which explore themes such as landscape, characters from Celtic mythology, portraiture and pop culture.  Paintings are acrylic and are worked upon board or canvas, while art collages are made from various recycled finds such as cards and magazines.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm until 26 November. (The gallery is closed on Sunday.)

Images supplied by the artist.  Click on any image to see a larger version.





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