Current Exhibition


THERE + NOW – 800 years

Harriott Brand and Alison Salter

17 June – 29 June 2019


‘‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there” – LP Hartley

Following visits to Boston’s Guildhall Alison and Harriott were inspired by the building’s architecture and social history and also by the archaeological dig that had taken place in the market square in 2010. These visits led to a collaborative art project that has spanned 4 years of research, experimenting, and responding to the artefacts exhibited in the Guildhall building and to the town of Medieval Boston.

Summer Show

01 July – 27 July 2019

Our annual open art competition.  No theme; all media welcome. More information to follow.

Sleaford Discovered by Garry Ravenhall

12 August – 24 August 2019


Garry Ravenhall has been working as an artist for over 40 years. He moved from East Anglia to Sleaford in September and has fallen in love with the place. He has spent the last months creating canvases to express his visual response to the wonder of the more mundane visual aspects of our environment that we may overlook in our daily lives. Subjects such as Bristol Arcade and Sainsbury’s might be overlooked by other artists but he has captured the striking beauty that is there. His work is mainly in acrylics. (Click on image for a larger version.)

More exhibitions are being planned.  This page will be updated when dates etc are finalised.  Please check again soon.


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