An exhibition by Anne Barnham and Robin Hall


Anne Barnham

Anne originally comes from Cumberland but now loves living in Lincolnshire. She paints open landscape scenes, rivers, old buildings, boats and much in between.

ABarnham_TheLamp_550The skies and views here are an absolute delight, especially to a countryside-loving artist like myself.

I started painting later in life with help from many artists, including Peter Hayward from Timberland. I have attended courses with artists whose style I feel compliments my own, a desire to encapsulate the essence of a view.

I have painted in many different places, both in England and abroad, as much as possible on the spot, but if not then from my own sketches, photos and observation. I undertake commissions, either from photographs or the actual place. My paintings are hanging in collections in many parts of Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA. (Mr. Trump hasn’t got one yet!)

I think it is very necessary to capture the atmosphere and feeling of a place. My paintings reflect this with the idea that you could ‘walk into’ the scene, they are varied and interesting with wonderfully strong and harmonious colours.

I enjoy selecting my paintings for an exhibition, there are a number of local views as well as some with a little difference! More paintings can be seen at my Studio in Digby, you are very welcome to come and visit.”

ABarnham_TheLockAtHaverholme_550Anne has been given several awards, including The Carre Gallery Award in the 2015 Summer Exhibition, and she was selected to be a wild card in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016. Unfortunately she was unable to take up the prestigious offer because of prior commitments. She is entering again this year.

Anne is also Chair of the Sleaford Art Group, a member of The Shelford Group of Artists, an Ambassador for SAA paints and a Professional Associate of the Society of All Artists. She does workshops and demonstrations for local Art Groups, give talks to WI and Ladies groups and teaches art on the Cruise Liners.

Robin Hall

Robin is a Sleaford-based artist who paints mostly landscapes inspired by the Lincolnshire countryside. Born in Sleaford, he attended York College of Arts and Technology where he attained a BTEC National Diploma in General Art and Design. He then went to Coventry University where he graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Robin has also studied calligraphy with the Open College for the Arts, watercolour with Christine Burnett at her studio in Grantham, and drawing with well-known SAA art tutor and author Trudy Friend.

RHall_AtTheFieldsEdge2_550“My half of the exhibition with Anne features work created over roughly a seven month period. I can definitely say that my contribution to the exhibition is the unseen bit! Despite my work having mostly an imaginary style, my paintings are inspired very much by the Landscape, especially the Lincolnshire landscape.  Skies, trees, hedgerows, cow parsley, sheep, and colourful yellow fields have all inspired the various paintings I am exhibiting. I have used a variety of media to create the images for this exhibition including watercolour, coloured pencil, mixed media, acrylic inks, and watercolour pencils.”

RHall_GrazingSheepNearRauceby_550In 2013 Robin won the Carre Gallery Award for his painting Sunset at Silk Willoughby and his paintings were used in 2016 as part of a presentation for the Lincolnshire Environmental Award about Mareham Pastures.  Robin, a member of the SAA, also teaches painting on Wednesday afternoons at The Source in Sleaford.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm every day until Saturday 03 June. (Closed on Sunday.)

NB: OPEN on Bank Holiday Monday 29 May.


Images (from the top).  Ancient Sentinel (Robin) and Grange in Borrowdale (Anne); The Lamp; The Lock at Haverholme; At the Field’s Edge; Grazing Sheep near Rauceby.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new tab/window).

Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

This year’s Carre Gallery Summer Show features 50 exhibits created by Lincolnshire artists.  Subject matter includes floral paintings, landscapes (including local scenes), still life, wildlife, portraits, and abstracts. A range of media have been employed by the artists such as watercolour, oil, acrylic, gouache, graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, mixed media, and collage.  Almost all of the exhibits are available to purchase and prices range from £50 – £600. The winners of the three awards will be announced on Thursday evening and all visitors to the gallery are invited to vote for their favourite exhibit.

Make haste to 29 Carre Street, Sleaford to see the exhibition for yourself and vote for your favourite piece for the ‘People’s Choice Award.  Happy viewing and best wishes for success to our esteemed exhibitors.

Exhibitors: Bob Armstrong, Anne Barnham, Euan Boyd-Wallis, Carol Bratley, Ian Cox, Muriel Elliot, Wendy Else, Ronald Feeney, Doug Foss, Robin Hall, Peter Hayward, Lee Anthony Herring, Graham Humphrey, Thomas Gabriel Jordan, Bobby Keeling, Barbara Kew, Ann Mackenzie, Anita Mortimer,Mary Newman, Elaine O’ Donnell, Nick Robinson, A K Smith, Brenda Taggart, Richard Thomas, Mike Weston.

Exhibition opening: 10 am – 4 pm every day from Monday 13 July until Saturday 08 August inclusive.  (The gallery is closed on Sundays.)  Free parking is available close to the gallery at the National Centre for Craft and Design and our gallery volunteers are always pleased to see you.

UPDATE:  Awards Presentation.

Awards Presentation Evening

The awards presentation took place on Thursday 16 July with a good crowd and many of the artists present.

Rob Davis presents Lincolnshire Pride Award to Wendy Else

Rob Davis presents Lincolnshire Pride Award to Wendy Else

The Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award was presented by Editor Rob Davies to Wendy Else with her watercolour painting Floral Fantasy.

Members of the gallery team with Ann Mackenzie, winner of Directors' Award. L-R Eddy Double, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Pat Espin, Chris Hodgson.

Members of the gallery team with Ann Mackenzie, winner of Directors’ Award. L-R Eddy Double, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Pat Espin, Chris Hodgson.

The Directors Award was presented to Ann Mackenzie for her oil on canvas painting Bluestone Heath, road over the Wolds. Gallery Director Eddy Double presented Ann with her certificate and a book as a prize.  The directors selected this for its “composition and palette; producing an image with depth and perspective that conveys much of the atmosphere of the location it depicts.”

The Carre Gallery Award was for Anne Barnham‘s watercolour painting Dubrovnik.  This painting was chosen for its “ambitious use of an interior and exterior view. The alternating light and shade on the architecture lead to the open doors in the background. The people moving in and out of the building are reflected on the cool marble floor taking the viewer with them through the painting to the sunny street beyond.”  Anne was unable to attend the awards evening and was presented with her award by gallery director Christopher Hodgson in the gallery at a later date (see image below).


Above:  Winning images by (left to right) Ann Mackenzie, Anne Barnes, Wendy Else.  Below: Christopher Hodgson presents the Gallery Award to Anne Barnham.


UPDATE:  People’s Choice.

HodgsonHerring_450The People’s Choice Award goes to Lee Anthony Herring for his oil painting Circen.  Gallery director, Chrisopher Hodgson, presented Lee with his award at the Carre Gallery.  The painting stimulated a lot of interest and discussion at the gallery; many people wondered how it was done.  The answer seems to be simply a lot of skill and attention to detail.  Congratulations to all our winners.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine and Editor Rob Davies for their continued support of the Summer Open.


Click on any image to see a larger version of that image.

Photographs of the Awards Evening by Laura-Jane Luff. Artwork and later presentation photographed by Martin Cameron.

Anne Barnham and Peter Hayward

September 12, 2011

Near Castlefreke by Anne Barnham

Anne Barnham was born in Carlisle and has since moved around the country and abroad.  She has a deep love of outdoor life and found settling in Lincolnshire a real delight.

“Lincolnshire’s great skies and distances are made for fresh and clear watercolour”

“Landscapes and water appeal most but sometimes I like to have a building or structure of some kind to offset the gentleness of nature.  The Norfolk Coast and Southern Ireland have introduced me to the enjoyment of boats and coastlines.”

“The Contrast between tones and shapes with deep, clear colours is exciting and I try to convey this in my work.  Atmosphere is important too, whether early morning, evening sunset or a stormy day there is always a different effect for the painting.  I paint flowers in semi-botanical style and I am enjoying the challenge of using different back washes and effects.  Dogs and cats also feature in my work.”

The Slea at Cogglesford by Peter Hayward

Peter Hayward was brought up in North Hertfordshire in the 40’s and 50’s and went to art school at 16, firstly in St Albans and subsequently Luton and Goldsmiths College in London where he studied painting and stone carving.

“I have always drawn and painted, with a preference for landscape and direct observation.  I try to depict atmospheric distance and seem increasingly to be trying to express a sense of serenity in my pictures.  This might have resulted from a neurological illness (Guillain Barré Syndrome) in 2004 which left me paralysed for six months.  Despite a good recovery I still find difficulty with many things and tend to work on a smaller scale, most frequently in watercolour.  On the other hand it might just be a result of getting older!”

The exhibition is open every day 10 am – 5 pm from Mon 12 September until Sat 17 September 2011.