Presented by Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine


Visitors to Carre gallery are in for a treat when they visit this year’s annual Summer Show. The work on display is high-quality and features both traditional and contemporary styles.

There are almost sixty exhibits created by twenty-five Lincolnshire artists. Many different media have been employed by the artists; traditional paints such as oil, acrylic and watercolour as well as mixed media, acrylic ink, pastel, pen, silk painting, and scraper board. The exhibition also contains photography, grogged stoneware and glazed stoneware.  Subjects include traditional landscapes – including local Lincolnshire scenes, architecture, animal and pet portraits, boats, floral, and abstract. Almost all of the work is for sale and prices range from £45 to £800.

The prize winners will be announced at the private view on Thursday 14 July and the results published on this blog shortly afterwards.  All exhibitors are invited and encouraged to attend – it could be you receiving a prize.

Gallery visitors can vote for their favourite exhibit using the slips and voting box provided.  The People’s Choice will be announced at the end of the exhibition.  Come and see. You will be inspired.

Exhibiting Artists:

Margaret Allton, Anne Barnham, Gillian Beale, Ellie Benton, Francis Brice, Martin Cameron, Susy Chaplin, Ian Cox, Laura Davies, Elaine O’ Donnell, Ronald Feeney, Moira Garrick, Robin Hall, Jenny Hammerton, Iain Harkess, Peter Hayward, Janey Hill, Pearl Hudson, Ann Mackenzie, Anthony Pegg, Ira Smyth, Paul Stuchbury, Wendy Tait, Mike Weston, Kim Wooldridge.

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm from 11 July until 06 August.  (Gallery closed on Sundays.)


UPDATE:  Competition Results.


Leopard by Ellie Benton (acrylic) – Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.


Lincoln Cathedral by Anthony Pegg (oils) –  joint winner of the Directors’ Award.


Free by Laura Davies (acrylic) – joint winner of the Directors’ Award.


Stumbles Head Lighthouse by Kim Wooldridge (oils) – The Carre Gallery Award.

Congratulations to all our winners and a huge thank you to all artists for contributing to an excellent exhibition.

UPDATE 2: People’s Choice:


White Gladioli (oils) by Janey Hill was voted People’s Choice by our gallery visitors during the exhibition.  Congratulations to Janey.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continuing support of the Summer Exhibition.


Click on any image to see a larger version.  Photography by Martin Cameron


Anita Mortimer

March 14, 2016


AMortimer_KickingUpDust_500The Carre Gallery is pleased to present Anita Mortimer’s latest exhibition; featuring pencil, pastel and charcoal art on canvas, paper and board.

Anita is a Lincolnshire-based award winning artist whose work has sold worldwide.

Her art demonstrates her passion for capturing the expression, the movement and the detail of her subjects. Her studies, often drawn with graphite, allow you to explore the never-ending depth of her works.

The art on show represent the broad range of Anita’s interests – animals, large and small, portraiture and landscapes.



AMortimer_PV_8547_500Exhibition Open: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday 14 March to Saturday 26 March.

Images: From the top – Grace 2, Kicking up Dust, Private View.  Gallery photos by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version.


New Year – New Work 2016

January 11, 2016



Our first exhibition of the year. An exhibition of work by Lincolnshire artists which has not previously been exhibited. Dust yourself off after your Christmas break, get some fresh air, visit the gallery, feed your artistic appetite and get inspired to make 2016 a great year.


Exhibiting artists: Ellie Benton, Muriel Elliott, V Wendy Else, Ronald Feeney, Doug Fossey, Robin A Hall, Katy Hearn, Pearl Hudson, Graham Humphrey, Mike Weston.




Exhibition open from 10 am – 4 pm from 11 January until 06 February 2016. (Closed on Sundays)

Images from top:  Lake at Belton by Pearl Hudson, Cockatoo by Ellie Benton, Summertime by Graham Humphrey, Gibraltar Point by Robin A Hall, Battle of Trafalgar by Mike Weston.

Artwork photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron

Mixed media, mixed styles and mixed subjects from Eric Cox, Ian C Cox, Stuart Cox and Thurston Cox.



Eric_E_Cox_450Eric E Cox

Born in London, one of five siblings, Eric moved to Bracknell then to Worthing, West Sussex, in the 1930’s, where he spent most of his creative time painting and drawing. He often visited East Anglia and regularly exhibited in Ipswich but most of his work centred on Worthing and its environs. His real inspiration was the River Arun and the South Downs. Sadly there is little evidence of what was painted, when and for whom, as most of his records and sketch books seem to have been destroyed following his death in 1969.

Eric was a gentle man, quiet by nature, a bachelor for much of his life, and methodical in all aspects of his work.

The exhibition is a cross section of surviving examples of his work held by his nephew, Ian C Cox. Most are from a collection of work submitted for criticism by a group of artists that he belonged to, possibly dating between 1930s and 50s. No names, just pseudonyms! Eric was Tally Ho but there seems to be at least 20 members ranging from A. Tyke, to Chuckles, Dumpling, Yendis and Guinivere.

Ian_C_Cox_450Ian C Cox

I have drawn and painted from childhood. Although no formal education at art college I was fortunate enough to have an uncle who was an artist and as a child I spent many happy holidays with him drawing and painting on the South Downs and along the River Arun. Always encouraging and forever patient with the words, ‘look, observe and draw’, but with the over riding post script; ‘enjoy!’ My work is developing all the time. I find inspiration from both the natural and constructed worlds as well as the written word. I love to experiment and with all the materials available now the scope seems endless. Since retiring I’ve certainly been able to enjoy the freedom it has given me and I hope that is conveyed in some of my work here today.

Stuart_C_Cox_450Stuart C Cox

In 1985 I studied Fine Art at Lincoln Art College then went on to Cambridge where I obtained my Degree.

My work on show depicts my profound love of the natural and man-made world, how it changes moment by moment and how we interact with it. The oil paintings are of landscapes that I have a strong relationship with and span a period of twelve years. They document a developing stylistic transformation. The photographs of landscapes and places were all taken on Nokia Lumia mobile ‘phones and treated in camera using the Lomogram app. Examples of my pen and ink drawings, mono prints and sketch books illustrate views and features that I have seen across Europe.

Currently I have the privilege of studying for an MA in Fine Art at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge which has led to quite a dramatic departure of style and output. Although in the early stages of development my current course project is based on the Honywood Oak at Marks Hall, Essex.

Thurston M Cox

Is the youngest son of Stuart. Born in to a household of artists Thurston has displayed a creative streak from a very early age and examples of his work are on show in this exhibition.



Hugo L Cox

Is the eldest of three boys. Born and living in a co-operative for many years in Cambridge, Hugo was surrounded by art. Often using natural forms for inspiration his power of observation and interpretation has allowed his own distinctive style to develop. He now lives and works in Edinburgh.




Exhibition Opening:  10 am – 4 pm from Monday 23 November until Saturday 05 December 2015.  (Gallery closed on Sundays.)  Exhibition organiser and exhibitor Ian Cox will be in the gallery on Nov 26, 28, 29 and then again on 1st Dec 01 (afternoon), 04 and 05. “If anyone wishes to pop in for a chat and see me working they will be more than welcome.”


Images of Artwork:  Top left, South Downs above High Salvington by Eric Cox. Top right, River Arun near Greatham, Sussex by Eric Cox.  Bottom left, Bowthorp Oak 2 by Ian Cox.  Bottom right, The Flailing Beech by Ian Cox.   Click on any image to see a larger version.  Photographs of the exhibitors supplied by Ian Cox.


Sleaford Art Group

September 14, 2015


A welcome return to the members of this local art group displaying a variety of work.  Sleaford Art Group is a very friendly group of people who like to draw and paint in a variety of media and would welcome new members to come and enjoy painting with them.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month between 7pm and 9pm in the Village Hall at Leasingham unless otherwise stated in their programme.  The group also hosts demonstrations and outdoor painting sessions as well as some social get-togethers throughout the year.



Further details about the group can be seen on their website (opens in new page).  But first, come to the gallery to see an excellent varied display of work.

MWeston_HaverholmePriory_500Exhibitors: Angie Fahy, Tony Woods, Anne Barnham, Ian Cox, Joan Lawton, Carol White, Barbara Kew, Margaret Chamberlain, Mary Newman, Peter Hayward, Barrie Prodger, Mike Weston.

Images – Top: Allotment Glory by Joan Lawton. Centre: Haverholme Priory by Mike Weston.  Bottom row of images (left to right) by Barbara Kew, Mary Newman, Joan Lawton, Tony Woods.  Click on any image to see a larger version.

The Exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm from 14 September until 26 September inclusive (closed on Sundays).


Mixed Exhibition

August 10, 2015


A selection of work in a range of different media from a variety of Lincolnshire artists.  All work is available for purchase.  Also for sale, unframed works of art and greetings cards.

Exhibitors: Harriott Brand, Frances Brice, Ian Cox, Elaine O’ Donnell, Liz Elliott-Williams, Wendy Else, Robin A Hall, Peter Hayward, Paul Howard, Graham Humphrey, Ann Mackenzie, Anita Mortimer, Mary Newman, Krisztina Theisler, Tony Whiston.

Exhibition open daily from 10 am – 4 pm (closed Sundays) from 10 August until 12 September.

Images: Liquorice Allsorts by Mary Newman, Norfolk Broads by Ann Mackenzine, Simply Tallin by Wendy Else, A Burst of Light by Frances Brice, Fallen Willow by Ian Cox.  Click on any image to see a larger version.  Artwork photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron.


Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

This year’s Carre Gallery Summer Show features 50 exhibits created by Lincolnshire artists.  Subject matter includes floral paintings, landscapes (including local scenes), still life, wildlife, portraits, and abstracts. A range of media have been employed by the artists such as watercolour, oil, acrylic, gouache, graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, mixed media, and collage.  Almost all of the exhibits are available to purchase and prices range from £50 – £600. The winners of the three awards will be announced on Thursday evening and all visitors to the gallery are invited to vote for their favourite exhibit.

Make haste to 29 Carre Street, Sleaford to see the exhibition for yourself and vote for your favourite piece for the ‘People’s Choice Award.  Happy viewing and best wishes for success to our esteemed exhibitors.

Exhibitors: Bob Armstrong, Anne Barnham, Euan Boyd-Wallis, Carol Bratley, Ian Cox, Muriel Elliot, Wendy Else, Ronald Feeney, Doug Foss, Robin Hall, Peter Hayward, Lee Anthony Herring, Graham Humphrey, Thomas Gabriel Jordan, Bobby Keeling, Barbara Kew, Ann Mackenzie, Anita Mortimer,Mary Newman, Elaine O’ Donnell, Nick Robinson, A K Smith, Brenda Taggart, Richard Thomas, Mike Weston.

Exhibition opening: 10 am – 4 pm every day from Monday 13 July until Saturday 08 August inclusive.  (The gallery is closed on Sundays.)  Free parking is available close to the gallery at the National Centre for Craft and Design and our gallery volunteers are always pleased to see you.

UPDATE:  Awards Presentation.

Awards Presentation Evening

The awards presentation took place on Thursday 16 July with a good crowd and many of the artists present.

Rob Davis presents Lincolnshire Pride Award to Wendy Else

Rob Davis presents Lincolnshire Pride Award to Wendy Else

The Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award was presented by Editor Rob Davies to Wendy Else with her watercolour painting Floral Fantasy.

Members of the gallery team with Ann Mackenzie, winner of Directors' Award. L-R Eddy Double, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Pat Espin, Chris Hodgson.

Members of the gallery team with Ann Mackenzie, winner of Directors’ Award. L-R Eddy Double, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Pat Espin, Chris Hodgson.

The Directors Award was presented to Ann Mackenzie for her oil on canvas painting Bluestone Heath, road over the Wolds. Gallery Director Eddy Double presented Ann with her certificate and a book as a prize.  The directors selected this for its “composition and palette; producing an image with depth and perspective that conveys much of the atmosphere of the location it depicts.”

The Carre Gallery Award was for Anne Barnham‘s watercolour painting Dubrovnik.  This painting was chosen for its “ambitious use of an interior and exterior view. The alternating light and shade on the architecture lead to the open doors in the background. The people moving in and out of the building are reflected on the cool marble floor taking the viewer with them through the painting to the sunny street beyond.”  Anne was unable to attend the awards evening and was presented with her award by gallery director Christopher Hodgson in the gallery at a later date (see image below).


Above:  Winning images by (left to right) Ann Mackenzie, Anne Barnes, Wendy Else.  Below: Christopher Hodgson presents the Gallery Award to Anne Barnham.


UPDATE:  People’s Choice.

HodgsonHerring_450The People’s Choice Award goes to Lee Anthony Herring for his oil painting Circen.  Gallery director, Chrisopher Hodgson, presented Lee with his award at the Carre Gallery.  The painting stimulated a lot of interest and discussion at the gallery; many people wondered how it was done.  The answer seems to be simply a lot of skill and attention to detail.  Congratulations to all our winners.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine and Editor Rob Davies for their continued support of the Summer Open.


Click on any image to see a larger version of that image.

Photographs of the Awards Evening by Laura-Jane Luff. Artwork and later presentation photographed by Martin Cameron.