Exhibition of Art…

October 29, 2018

… By former members of the Women’s Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire

WRAF_Candlesby_550Frances Brice, Margaret Carstairs, Rosemarie Da Costa and Fiona Duncan, all former members of the WRAF, have joined together to create a stunning exhibition of drawings and paintings with a percentage of sales being donated to the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) in Lincoln.

WRAF_IBBC_Poster_550Frances Brice joined the WRAF at the age of nineteen and became an Assistant Air Traffic Controller.   She left upon starting a family, as WRAF policy at the time did not allow women with children to remain in service.  Frances has won quite a few awards for her work and her paintings hang on wall in Great Britain, Canada, America, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi to name but a few.  “I still fee overwhelmed and honoured when someone views my work and says the feel they have been there, or that my paintings make them feel the tranquillity of the scene.”

Margaret Carstairs served for three years from 1966 to 1969 and worked as a Supply Accountant. “I did art at school many years ago and took it up again before retiring. I paint with the U3A in Lincoln and have been attending workshops and seminars for about 18 years with an artist called Ash Buckingham. I paint for fun and most of my paintings hang on the walls of friends and family, as well as my own.”

WRAF_Bainton_550Rosemarie Da Costa was keen to join the WRAF while still at school, and at the age of 18 passed the selection procedure to become a WRAF officer on a short service commission. She was the first female crew member of 48 Squadron, flying as supernumerary crew in a Hercules, helping to bring back dispossessed local residents evacuated from Cyprus in the crisis of 1974.

“I have always loved creative activities and, after I completed my WRAF service, I explored different ways of producing art. The wonderful landscapes of North Yorkshire introduced me to watercolours which are my first love. However, after a posting in the West Indies I discovered pastels. These were much easier to work than watercolours which dried too quickly in the heat! I have recently moved to wet felting and needle felting and continue to explore my love as sheep as my artistic subjects.”

WRAF_Somersby_550Fiona Duncan joined the WRAF in 1977 as an Admin Clerk and served for five and a half years. Fiona was also discharged upon becoming pregnant, as was the policy at the time.  “I am mainly a self-taught artist although I attended to some classes to learn the basics when I first started painting. I enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes, and work in acrylics. I have been supporting the IBCC for the last six months with sales of my spire paintings.”

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm every day from Monday 29 October until Saturday 03 November.  The Exhibition is free to ente.

Visitors are invited, but not obliged, to make a small donation to the International Bomber Command Centre using the donation box provided.

Photographs by Martin Cameron.  Poster image supplied by the artists.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new window/tab).

Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

Private View and Awards Evening

Yet again Carre Gallery received a record number of entries for the summer open exhibition.  Popular with both artists and art-lovers this event has been extended to create a four-week show.  So there is no excuse for not getting to see the exhibition first hand.

 This year’s guest judge is Rob Davis, Executive Editor of Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.  “I suppose you’d expect me to say it’s a pleasure to be asked to award a special prize to one artist in this competition on behalf of Lincolnshire Pride. However, it’s not just a hollow compliment, it really is true.”

“I’m very happy to see a competition with such an open brief; an artist should be unrestricted, able to work in their medium with a subject of their choice.  But with over sixty exhibits, it’s been a hard task to choose one, made even more so because the open brief gives so much scope in terms of subject and media.”

“I feel rotten about naming just one piece, but not too rotten because I think the piece I’ve chosen is fabulous.  Congratulations then go  to… (pause… I’ve seen the TV talent shows, I know how to built up anticipation) Liz Pearson for her fused glass panel entitled Freedom.”

Freedom by Liz Pearson with detail (right) – Glass with Print

Freedom (glass with print) by Liz Pearson wins the prestigious Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.  “This  fused glass panel looks amazing. I can’t work out how Liz produced the piece but I’m looking forward to finding out. It’s contemporary, it looks great and it’s really got a tactile quality; I just wanted to sort of reach out and feel the relief print.”  Liz wins a feature article in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

Sunflowers (acrylic on board) by Martin Page wins the Carre Gallery Award of £50.  Judged by representatives from the Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust directors, Management Team and volunteers. “Novel composition, use of colour and technique producing an image that impressed at many levels. This is a painting that pleased and intrigued the judges with its style and content”.

So Tranquil (oils) by Frances Brice wins the Director’s Award of a bottle of champagne.  Chosen by gallery director and co-founder Christopher Hodgson:  “A delightfully English landscape  and modern rendering of a timeless image. Excellent technique and detail in a charming painting and perfectly fitting for a ‘Director’s Choice’.”

Other work which gets a special mention from our guest judge.

“Rather than just naming one piece I’d love to just draw your attention to some other pieces that really stood out, illustrating the variety of media in which the artists have worked.

A New Spring Dawn (Textiles) by Jill Cousner – “Lovely use of mixed media textiles to create an evocative image.”

Fountains Abbey (photography) by Sian Williams –  “This photographic study of Fountain’s Abbey I particularly loved with its colours and natural lighting.”

The Gate (gouache) by Kaye Miller-Dewing – “Kaye’s pastoral scenes really draw me in; they’re really calming scenes with a utopian quality.”

Wave Form. Series 5 (pen, ink & watercolour) by Jennifer Cottis – “Wave Form is really contemporary but absolutely brilliant. Intricate with a minimal quality, and a really contrasty beautiful punch to it; very effective.”

(Left) Guest Judge Rob Davis with Liz Pearson. (Centre) Martin Page (glasses) with Gallery Director Eddy Double. (Right) Frances Brice.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday until 11 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open, especially to Executive Editor Rob Davis, our guest judge who deliberated with great enthusiasm and careful consideration.

Exhibition artists: Jill Cousner, Tony Orvis, Jennifer Cottis, Martin Page, Frances Brice, Martin Cameron, Jess Fuller, Neville Hull, Robin Hall, Carol Bratley, David Truman, Elaine O’Donnell, Liz Pearson, Denise Hawthorne, Peter Greenhill, Ernie Butler, Lorraine Preece, Malcolm Doughty, Peter Hayward, Baz East, Robin Gooch, Ian Cox, Ann Mackenzie, Laura-Jane Luff, Jackie Mills, Kaye Miller-Dewing, Anne Dolan, Anita Mortimer, Sian Williams, Derek Ashman, Margaret Fraser Cameron.

Awards Evening and artwork photographed by Martin Cameron