David Scargill

David, Our David (who often signed his work DAS) was known to many who visited the gallery and saw his work on display.

David was an avid painter and would often come into the gallery, not just to do his voluntary duties but also, to sit and chat – and sometimes give impromptu art lessons to anyone who happened to ask, “How do you do that?” He was more than happy to show how to use a pencil to get the perspective right or to indicate which way the shadows would fall.

DScargill_Pamela_550He was totally passionate about Art being accessible to all, and he felt that anyone could draw with practice.  He enjoyed going to his life drawing classes and was thrilled to discover that they had started up again.

David lived a varied life, often going to America to join his brother riding the rapids, which he found exhilarating, playing gold and just enjoying the scenery, which he would paint. He also visited Italy and enjoyed painting the scenery there.

David played football in his younger years and he loved sport of all sorts, especially golf; maybe that is what kept him trim and youthful in later years. Most people were incredulous to hear that he was in his eighties.

DScargill_Caberet_550He was also, although not many people knew this, a very compassionate man often doing small but useful jobs for many people. He would worry about other people’s health and would often ask ‘do you think so-and-so is alright?’.

He was a man who liked to laugh, and was sometimes quite clumsy (falling over his own feet comes to mind). He enjoyed walking, taking a coffee break, and sitting down for a good old chat.

But he really loved having a pencil in his hand to capture a moment. He once said,

“Just a moment in time is a lifetime in paint.”

David was 84 when he passed away in the summer of 2017. Rest in Peace our David.

Obituary by George Bird

The Exhibition:

David was a regular volunteer at the gallery both as an invigilator and behind the scenes helping to hang exhibitions when called upon.  This exhibition is a mixture of paintings and drawings with landscapes, animals, people and life drawings.  All artwork is for sale. David’s family have requested that all proceeds go to charity.

Opening: 10 am – 4 pm every day except Sunday from 05 February until 17 February.

Images taken from the exhibition.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new tab/window).


Carre Life Drawing Group

November 19, 2012


Carre Gallery welcomes the return of the Carre Life Drawing Group with a stunning exhibition in a mixture of media including paintings, pencil drawings and ceramics.  The group comprises artists who meet at the Carre Gallery once a month.  If you are interested in joining the group please contact Mary Newman via the gallery or email

Art by Peter Spaczynski (top left), Angela Fahy (left), Ian Cox (centre), Joan Lawton (right)

Exhibiting Artists:  Phil Janes, Joan Lawton, Ann Mackenzie, Carol Bratley, Ian Cox, Barbara Kew, Mary Newman, Peter Spaczynski, Angela Fahy.

The exhibition is open from 10 am -4 pm Monday to Saturday from 19 November until 01 December.  The exhibiting artists will take turns to staff the exhibition.

Art by (left to right) Mary Newman, Ann Mackenzie, Ian Cox, Peter Spaczynski, Barbara Kew.

Life models: Carrie Metcalfe and Peter Spaczynski.  Artwork photographed by Martin Cameron.

Carre Life Drawing Group

October 27, 2010

Life size drawing by Pete Spaczynski with colour studies by Phil Janes

The Carre Life Drawing Group is currently exhibiting a collection of work in a variety of media including pencil drawings, ceramics and photography.  The group comprises artists who meet at the Carre Gallery once a month.  If you are interested in joining the group please contact Mary Newman via the gallery or email  Exhibitors in this show are, in no particular order:

Ian Cox, Phil Janes, Bryan Hammond, Andy Lenton, Stuart Vickers, Mary Newman, Angie Fahy, Barbara Kew, Carol Bratley, Pete Spaczynski.  The group would like to express their thanks to life model Carrie Metcalfe.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 30 October.

Dreaming by Angie Fahy – Acrylic


Photography by Martin Cameron