Presented by Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine



The Carre Gallery summer show in partnership with Lincolnshire Pride Magazine. An exhibition of art in various media including oils, watercolours, pastels, drawings, mixed media and textiles.

Three prizes will be awarded; The Lincolnshire Pride Award, The Carre Gallery Award and The Directors’ Award. Winners will be announced at the private view on Thursday 04 July and all exhibitors are invited to attend.

Exhibitors: Bob Bradley, Eve Marshall, Mike Weston, Roy Talbot, Malcolm Doughty, Brett Barker, Jess Fuller, Elaine O’Donnell, Rachel Hare, Kim Wooldridge, Sarah Marnier, Carol Bratley, Ronald Feeney and Laura Davies.

Exhibition open 10 am – 4 pm every day (exept Sundays) from 01 July until 27 July inclusive.


Awards Presentation:

The Awards presentation was held at the gallery on Thursday 04 July.  Rob Davis, Executive Editor from Pride Magazines gave a speech which is reproduced below with permission.

Pride Magazine Award:

“Good lord, you don’t make it easy! Another year and another wonderful selection of artwork in a range of styles, in a range of media.

As always, a wonderful example of the talent right here in the town. Before naming a winner, I’d like to recognise a couple of artists especially as there are a few new artists to the gallery too. One of the nice things about the diversity of art here is the combination of old techniques and new technology.

RoyTalbot_WhatIsThat_600Congratulations to Roy Talbot who has created a trio of artwork – not a triptych, I don’t suppose, as they are three separate pieces instead of one piece of art in three pieces – Decision Time, Together as One and What is That? are three wonderful mono pieces, with lovely execution and a simple black and white palette, created on an iPad or tablet.

The touch screen nature of these devices must, one imagines, keep you in physical contact with your artwork in a way that a mouse just would serve to do. It’s the first artwork that Roy has created, and certainly the first entered into a gallery, and actually I think that’s a really good thing because it not only demonstrates the approachability of the Carre Gallery to all artists, no matter how experienced or otherwise, but it also shows that Roy approaches his work with no preconceptions or prejudices of what’s ‘right.’

I love them visually they’ve a real presence and certainly allow the person viewing them to write their own narrative as to the story behind the piece.

Billy Hare by Rachel HareI’d also like to congratulate Rachel Hare on her pieces, ironically Billy Hare, and Sparky Squirrel. These are mixed media pieces, loads of character, lovely tones in the artwork courtesy of craft paper and other materials. Lots of colour, lots of texture and lots of character. Wonderful, I love them.

Upcylced vintage tool Dragon on a Rock by Brett BrakerBrettBarker_DragonOnARock_Detail_600Ultimately though I have to pick one piece and I’ve chosen Brett Barker’s Upcycled Vintage Tool Dragon on a Rock. If you have a look you’ll be able to pick out the origin of Brett’s creature’s constituent parts. Twisted metal, pliers, metal punches and bradawls. I’ve doubtless misidentified tools – not my strong point – but I haven’t misidentified the work itself if I describe it as talented, unique, eco-friendly given that it’s upcycled, and really imaginative. Really quirky, I love it! I love the patina, the construction, the way it’s mounted and the fact that it’s just so so different!

I’m looking forward to visiting Brett, seeing how his sculptures are made – there’s another in this room too (pictured below – Ed), and I think the idea of taking something old and turning it into something fresh and quirky and new is terrific! Well done!”

Directors’ Award:

Sparky Squirrel by Rachel Hare.

Summer Hedgerow by Eve MarshallEvery year that we have been running the summer exhibition it has been full of works of the highest quality and this year is no exception. There was a lengthy debate amongst the directors’ award panel, as there should be, but it was surprising how entrenched they were in their opinions this year. It is to that end that they would like to give mentions to Eve Marshall for “Summer Hedgerows” and Laura Davies for “Early one Morning”. However, this year’s winner is “Sparky Squirrel” by Rachel Hare. In a competition with such a variety of other styles and media it is unavoidable that a choice of winner becomes somewhat subjective but “Sparky Squirrel” appealed in terms of the subject, its representation and the visual and textural quality added with use of mixed media.

Early One Morning by Laura Davies

Gallery Award:

Together As One by Roy TalbotOur Summer Show may not be as large as the Royal Academy’s but we have a good variety of media, styles and subjects to be proud of. Thank you to all our artists who have brought in their work. This year the Gallery Award goes to a new artist with a new medium which uses technology to create storytelling images showing movement, energy and drama. The Gallery choice for this year is ‘Together As One’ by Roy Talbot.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Rob Davis and Pride Magazines for their continued support of the Summer Open Exhibition.  Also, thank you to all artists who entered work and congratulations to our prizewinners.

Plesiosaurus Sculpture on Glass base by Brett Barker

Images from the top:  Exhibition view; What is that? (digital art) by Roy Talbot; Billy Hare (mixed) by Rachel Hare; Upcycled Vintage Tool Dragon on a Rock (metal and rock) by Brett Barker (plus detail); Sparky Squirrel (mixed) by Rachel Hare; Hedgerows (felted wool and silk) by Eve Marshall; Early One Morning (Acrylics) by Laura Davies; Together as One (digital art) by Roy Talbot; Plesiosaurus on glass base by Brett Barker.

Gallery and Artwork photographed by Martin Cameron. Click on any image to see a larger version. (Opens in new window/tab.)

Presented by Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine


The Carre Gallery summer show in partnership with Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.  Over fifty exhibits have been skillfully presented to give a colourful exhibition of art in various media including oils, watercolours, pastels, drawings, mixed media, textiles and photography.


Three prizes will be awarded; The Lincolnshire Pride Award, The Carre Gallery Award and The Directors’ Award.  Winners will be announced at the private view on Thursday 05 July and all exhibitors are invited to attend.  This blog will be updated once the awards have been announced.


Exhibitors: Anne Barnham, Ellie Benton, Colin Brammer, Carol Bratley, Martin Cameron, Betty Cooper, Justin Cooper, Laura Davies, Anne Dolan, Ronald Feeney, Jess Fuller, Patricia Long, Ann Mackenzie, Eve Marshall, Elaine O’Donnell, Marcelle Seabourne, Ira Smyth, Mona Storey, Mike Weston, Tony Whiston, Dennis Wilson, Dorothy Wood, Janice Wright.

Exhibition open from 10 am – 4 pm every day (except Sundays) from 02 July until 04 August 2018.


The Awards presentation was held on Thursday 05 July.  Rob Davis from Lincolnshire Pride magazine presented the awards.  Some of his comments are reproduced here with permission.

“It’s my privilege once again to be asked to award one of our artists the Lincolnshire Pride special award, but also help to present both the Gallery Prize and the Director’s Prize too.

As usual, there are in excess of 50 pieces on display in the gallery but what amazes me each year is the diversity of subjects, the range of media and the technical skill as well as the vision which is clearly present in each piece.

I’m creative in terms of being able to design a page layout or use a camera, but I can’t draw or paint for my life, so I’m absolutely in awe of the talent on display here, and I think it’s so important that in the Carre Gallery you have not just a place to exhibit your work, but also a place to interact with other artists, for mutual inspiration but also as a place to introduce the public to all of the talent on display here too.”

Fighting for Spring by Eve Marshall

Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award Winner:  Fighting for Spring (feltwork) by Eve Marshall

“Take a look and you’ll notice a really organic shape to the piece itself, and some really abstract colours and flower details in the piece, but at the same time two really clearly defined hares. It’s like you’re in a building and you’ve smashed a hole in the wall and you’re peering out into the countryside. I absolutely love it and I think the best compliment we could pay it is that when we were looking at it, we decided that you could look at it over and over again and simply not become bored of just looking at it, admiring it. It’s really cheerful, very lovely indeed, so well done Eve, absolutely great. And we look forward to meeting you and finding out how you work in an article in a future edition of Pride. Congratulations and very well done!”

Vessels by Anne Dolan

Gallery Award: Vessels (textiles and handmade paper) by Anne Dolan

“Vessels is a mixed-media piece, a combination of textiles and hand made paper. Lovely tones, intriguing shapes, and a really peaceful tranquil tonality to the colours that Anne has chosen, cool soft blues and rich lustrous golds. Very nice indeed.”

Polar Bear by Ellie Benton

Directors’ Award: Polar Bear by Ellie Benton

“I’ve not had a hand in choosing the winner but they are known to me and I’m an admirer of this artist’s work. There was a good deal of discussion of this piece because as good as it is as a piece of work, it’s also a bit unsettling. The ferocity of the expression, the idea that something is attacking the animal or provoking such a violent reaction. It’s a piece which, quite beyond its visual appeal actually carries a really strong message of either of the importance of conservation or of the brutality of nature or perhaps something else, because best of all, it’s extremely thought provoking and perhaps open to your own interpretation of what it means.”


“I just wanted to identify a couple of pieces that have really caught my eye, two further examples of the impressive diversity of pieces here this evening.”

Cat Nap by Laura Davies.

Cat Nap (acrylic on canvas) by Laura Davies.  “Laura’s picture just captures that really lovely peacefulness and serenity of a content cat dozing away. The expression is lovely and I love the saturation of colour, a deep lustrous red against the less colourful grey of the cat. When you look at it, stand back and you’ll appreciate the colour, the detail, and the way it clearly captures the detail of the subject so very beautifully.”


Beach View (photograph) by Colin Brammer.  “So I’m a photographer as part of my day job, which means I pay special attention to any photographic work exhibited here, and Beach View is really very impressive indeed. I suppose it’s an abstract piece and it has beautiful colours and a striking composition thanks to some perfectly straight lines. It’s a really impressive combination of a great original image and some thoughtful and technically very skilful post production. Very very good.”

“Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to make this year’s exhibition even more diverse, and as brimming with talent as ever. I always say that I feel a fraud being asked to comment on the artist’s work each year, but it’s a pleasure nonetheless and I congratulate everyone who has contributed such incredible work.”


Image above: Chris Hodgson presents Gallery Award to Anne Dolan. Rob Davis Announcing winners. All photography by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image so see a larger version (opens in a new window/tab).


Presented by Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine


Visitors to Carre gallery are in for a treat when they visit this year’s annual Summer Show. The work on display is high-quality and features both traditional and contemporary styles.

There are almost sixty exhibits created by twenty-five Lincolnshire artists. Many different media have been employed by the artists; traditional paints such as oil, acrylic and watercolour as well as mixed media, acrylic ink, pastel, pen, silk painting, and scraper board. The exhibition also contains photography, grogged stoneware and glazed stoneware.  Subjects include traditional landscapes – including local Lincolnshire scenes, architecture, animal and pet portraits, boats, floral, and abstract. Almost all of the work is for sale and prices range from £45 to £800.

The prize winners will be announced at the private view on Thursday 14 July and the results published on this blog shortly afterwards.  All exhibitors are invited and encouraged to attend – it could be you receiving a prize.

Gallery visitors can vote for their favourite exhibit using the slips and voting box provided.  The People’s Choice will be announced at the end of the exhibition.  Come and see. You will be inspired.

Exhibiting Artists:

Margaret Allton, Anne Barnham, Gillian Beale, Ellie Benton, Francis Brice, Martin Cameron, Susy Chaplin, Ian Cox, Laura Davies, Elaine O’ Donnell, Ronald Feeney, Moira Garrick, Robin Hall, Jenny Hammerton, Iain Harkess, Peter Hayward, Janey Hill, Pearl Hudson, Ann Mackenzie, Anthony Pegg, Ira Smyth, Paul Stuchbury, Wendy Tait, Mike Weston, Kim Wooldridge.

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm from 11 July until 06 August.  (Gallery closed on Sundays.)


UPDATE:  Competition Results.


Leopard by Ellie Benton (acrylic) – Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.


Lincoln Cathedral by Anthony Pegg (oils) –  joint winner of the Directors’ Award.


Free by Laura Davies (acrylic) – joint winner of the Directors’ Award.


Stumbles Head Lighthouse by Kim Wooldridge (oils) – The Carre Gallery Award.

Congratulations to all our winners and a huge thank you to all artists for contributing to an excellent exhibition.

UPDATE 2: People’s Choice:


White Gladioli (oils) by Janey Hill was voted People’s Choice by our gallery visitors during the exhibition.  Congratulations to Janey.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continuing support of the Summer Exhibition.


Click on any image to see a larger version.  Photography by Martin Cameron

Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

This year’s Carre Gallery Summer Show features 50 exhibits created by Lincolnshire artists.  Subject matter includes floral paintings, landscapes (including local scenes), still life, wildlife, portraits, and abstracts. A range of media have been employed by the artists such as watercolour, oil, acrylic, gouache, graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, mixed media, and collage.  Almost all of the exhibits are available to purchase and prices range from £50 – £600. The winners of the three awards will be announced on Thursday evening and all visitors to the gallery are invited to vote for their favourite exhibit.

Make haste to 29 Carre Street, Sleaford to see the exhibition for yourself and vote for your favourite piece for the ‘People’s Choice Award.  Happy viewing and best wishes for success to our esteemed exhibitors.

Exhibitors: Bob Armstrong, Anne Barnham, Euan Boyd-Wallis, Carol Bratley, Ian Cox, Muriel Elliot, Wendy Else, Ronald Feeney, Doug Foss, Robin Hall, Peter Hayward, Lee Anthony Herring, Graham Humphrey, Thomas Gabriel Jordan, Bobby Keeling, Barbara Kew, Ann Mackenzie, Anita Mortimer,Mary Newman, Elaine O’ Donnell, Nick Robinson, A K Smith, Brenda Taggart, Richard Thomas, Mike Weston.

Exhibition opening: 10 am – 4 pm every day from Monday 13 July until Saturday 08 August inclusive.  (The gallery is closed on Sundays.)  Free parking is available close to the gallery at the National Centre for Craft and Design and our gallery volunteers are always pleased to see you.

UPDATE:  Awards Presentation.

Awards Presentation Evening

The awards presentation took place on Thursday 16 July with a good crowd and many of the artists present.

Rob Davis presents Lincolnshire Pride Award to Wendy Else

Rob Davis presents Lincolnshire Pride Award to Wendy Else

The Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award was presented by Editor Rob Davies to Wendy Else with her watercolour painting Floral Fantasy.

Members of the gallery team with Ann Mackenzie, winner of Directors' Award. L-R Eddy Double, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Pat Espin, Chris Hodgson.

Members of the gallery team with Ann Mackenzie, winner of Directors’ Award. L-R Eddy Double, Ann Mackenzie, Mary Newman, Pat Espin, Chris Hodgson.

The Directors Award was presented to Ann Mackenzie for her oil on canvas painting Bluestone Heath, road over the Wolds. Gallery Director Eddy Double presented Ann with her certificate and a book as a prize.  The directors selected this for its “composition and palette; producing an image with depth and perspective that conveys much of the atmosphere of the location it depicts.”

The Carre Gallery Award was for Anne Barnham‘s watercolour painting Dubrovnik.  This painting was chosen for its “ambitious use of an interior and exterior view. The alternating light and shade on the architecture lead to the open doors in the background. The people moving in and out of the building are reflected on the cool marble floor taking the viewer with them through the painting to the sunny street beyond.”  Anne was unable to attend the awards evening and was presented with her award by gallery director Christopher Hodgson in the gallery at a later date (see image below).


Above:  Winning images by (left to right) Ann Mackenzie, Anne Barnes, Wendy Else.  Below: Christopher Hodgson presents the Gallery Award to Anne Barnham.


UPDATE:  People’s Choice.

HodgsonHerring_450The People’s Choice Award goes to Lee Anthony Herring for his oil painting Circen.  Gallery director, Chrisopher Hodgson, presented Lee with his award at the Carre Gallery.  The painting stimulated a lot of interest and discussion at the gallery; many people wondered how it was done.  The answer seems to be simply a lot of skill and attention to detail.  Congratulations to all our winners.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine and Editor Rob Davies for their continued support of the Summer Open.


Click on any image to see a larger version of that image.

Photographs of the Awards Evening by Laura-Jane Luff. Artwork and later presentation photographed by Martin Cameron.

Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

Private View and Presentation Evening

Private View and Presentation Evening

2014 is another record year for entries.  Mary Newman of the gallery management team says, “The Summer Show increases in popularity each year and the general standard of work improves every time.  We are very pleased to see some excellent work from new exhibitors as well as from many of our regular contributors.”  At the private view and presentation evening, held on Monday 14 July, the Carre Gallery Award and Directors’ Award were presented by Director Eddy Double.


Pomegranate (oil) by Janey Hill wins the Carre Gallery Award.  Chosen by the gallery Management who were, “impressed by how paint was applied in an almost sculptural way using a palette knife.  Choosing to study a single object the artist has created presence and power.   Layers of colour give the image depth and solidity.”


Yellow Field (acrylic on board) by Euan Boyd-Wallis wins the Directors’ Award.

SummerPV_7421The Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award was selected by our guest judge, artist Michelle Bird, who kindly joined us to make a presentation on the evening.  “Having to choose from all the entries was not an easy task, particularly as there is merit to be found in all the works of art.  The paintings have been a real delight to look at.”


Leaves from Eternity (acrylic) by John Lincoln wins the Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.  Says Michelle, “I found this painting, inspired by a poem by John Clare, both beautiful and intriguing. I sat for quite some time looking at it. The subtlety of colouring and layering of paint were quite mesmerising.”

Gallery Director Christopher Hodgson presenting award certificates to (form left) John Lincoln,  Janey Hill and Euan Boyd-Wallis.

From left to right: Gallery Director Christopher Hodgson presenting award certificates to John Lincoln, Janey Hill and Euan Boyd-Wallis.


The winner of the People’s Choice Award is Chris Jones for her study of a dog called Bad Hair Day.  Chris came into the gallery to have her prize presented by Christopher Hodgson.

Bad Hair Day by Chris Jones

Bad Hair Day by Chris Jones

Christopher Hodgson presents Chris Jones with her People's Choice Award for 'Bad Hair Day' (pictured).

Christopher Hodgson presents Chris Jones with her People’s Choice Award for ‘Bad Hair Day’.

Other work which receives a special mention from our guest judge:


Baby Stay Close  by Anita Mortimer (graphite) “shows a powerful composition and areas of fine detail and contrast.”


The Old Barn Woolsthorpe (graphite) by Tony Whiston “shows a wonderful variety of mark-making that creates the form and sense of place for this wonderful little drawing.”


The Beck – Staithes (oil) by S. Amelia. “One can see a lovely blending of colours and gets the sense that the painter really was sitting down in this area of sand, painting life as it passed her by. A fleeting moment is captured.”

Janey Hill explores the properties of paint and colour vividly in her still-life Pomegranate (see above), an ordinary object easily taken for granted which here has a strong presence of its own and, might I add, looks ready to eat.”


Just a little bit of cheese (watercolour) by Elaine O’Donnell.  “Continuing with the theme of food, this watercolour shows beautiful fine detail, particularly around the doyley. Both the angles and the colour create a vibrant composition. (I think though, just looking at the mouse, he’s had rather a lot of cheese – contrary to the title.)

Click on any image to see an enlarged view.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday from 14 July until 09 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open.


Awards evening and artwork photographed by Martin Cameron.





Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

Private View and Awards Evening

Yet again Carre Gallery received a record number of entries for the summer open exhibition.  Popular with both artists and art-lovers this event has been extended to create a four-week show.  So there is no excuse for not getting to see the exhibition first hand.

 This year’s guest judge is Rob Davis, Executive Editor of Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.  “I suppose you’d expect me to say it’s a pleasure to be asked to award a special prize to one artist in this competition on behalf of Lincolnshire Pride. However, it’s not just a hollow compliment, it really is true.”

“I’m very happy to see a competition with such an open brief; an artist should be unrestricted, able to work in their medium with a subject of their choice.  But with over sixty exhibits, it’s been a hard task to choose one, made even more so because the open brief gives so much scope in terms of subject and media.”

“I feel rotten about naming just one piece, but not too rotten because I think the piece I’ve chosen is fabulous.  Congratulations then go  to… (pause… I’ve seen the TV talent shows, I know how to built up anticipation) Liz Pearson for her fused glass panel entitled Freedom.”

Freedom by Liz Pearson with detail (right) – Glass with Print

Freedom (glass with print) by Liz Pearson wins the prestigious Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.  “This  fused glass panel looks amazing. I can’t work out how Liz produced the piece but I’m looking forward to finding out. It’s contemporary, it looks great and it’s really got a tactile quality; I just wanted to sort of reach out and feel the relief print.”  Liz wins a feature article in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

Sunflowers (acrylic on board) by Martin Page wins the Carre Gallery Award of £50.  Judged by representatives from the Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust directors, Management Team and volunteers. “Novel composition, use of colour and technique producing an image that impressed at many levels. This is a painting that pleased and intrigued the judges with its style and content”.

So Tranquil (oils) by Frances Brice wins the Director’s Award of a bottle of champagne.  Chosen by gallery director and co-founder Christopher Hodgson:  “A delightfully English landscape  and modern rendering of a timeless image. Excellent technique and detail in a charming painting and perfectly fitting for a ‘Director’s Choice’.”

Other work which gets a special mention from our guest judge.

“Rather than just naming one piece I’d love to just draw your attention to some other pieces that really stood out, illustrating the variety of media in which the artists have worked.

A New Spring Dawn (Textiles) by Jill Cousner – “Lovely use of mixed media textiles to create an evocative image.”

Fountains Abbey (photography) by Sian Williams –  “This photographic study of Fountain’s Abbey I particularly loved with its colours and natural lighting.”

The Gate (gouache) by Kaye Miller-Dewing – “Kaye’s pastoral scenes really draw me in; they’re really calming scenes with a utopian quality.”

Wave Form. Series 5 (pen, ink & watercolour) by Jennifer Cottis – “Wave Form is really contemporary but absolutely brilliant. Intricate with a minimal quality, and a really contrasty beautiful punch to it; very effective.”

(Left) Guest Judge Rob Davis with Liz Pearson. (Centre) Martin Page (glasses) with Gallery Director Eddy Double. (Right) Frances Brice.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday until 11 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open, especially to Executive Editor Rob Davis, our guest judge who deliberated with great enthusiasm and careful consideration.

Exhibition artists: Jill Cousner, Tony Orvis, Jennifer Cottis, Martin Page, Frances Brice, Martin Cameron, Jess Fuller, Neville Hull, Robin Hall, Carol Bratley, David Truman, Elaine O’Donnell, Liz Pearson, Denise Hawthorne, Peter Greenhill, Ernie Butler, Lorraine Preece, Malcolm Doughty, Peter Hayward, Baz East, Robin Gooch, Ian Cox, Ann Mackenzie, Laura-Jane Luff, Jackie Mills, Kaye Miller-Dewing, Anne Dolan, Anita Mortimer, Sian Williams, Derek Ashman, Margaret Fraser Cameron.

Awards Evening and artwork photographed by Martin Cameron

Competition Judge Rosi Campbell (left) speaking at the preview.

Competition was fierce with a substantial increase of entries in this second annual competition with both professional and amateur artists vying for selection.  Careful consideration and debate resulted in 45 artworks being selected for the exhibition.

The best in show was announced at the preview on Monday 09 August by guest judge, artist Rosi Campbell, who is Arts Director at Arts Coritani in Swineshead. “The work is of a very high standard and it was particularly difficult to make my final selection from six pieces short listed in this impressive and exciting exhibition.”

Rosi explained that her selection is based on the criteria of “skill, personal statement and mystery”.

Winter Count (pastel) by Janine Fennel-Ross evokes the mystery of a drug-state with its ghostly psychedelic effects.

Ruby Fields (textiles) by Jill Cousner shows great use of texture and colour.

Sisters (acrylic) by Lucie Williams is described as a “fine beginning from an artist who I expect will produce exceptional art in the future.”  Praise indeed!

Have you Brought any Bread Today? (acrylic) by Gail Tointon Das is praised not only for its composition but for the ‘wonderful application of paint’.

Red Roses (watercolour) by Joanna Woods is a “beautiful, careful, descriptive watercolour work with evident enthusiasm for the chosen medium.”

Artist Jana Siebers with her winning artwork – Study for Drift Pass Big Red

And finally the winning entry Study for Drift Pass Big Red, a painting in oil by professional artist Jana Siebers.  Rosi says that this work meets all the criteria showing exceptional artistic skill and personal expression.  Jan Siebers wins a three-page feature in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 21 August 2010, daily 10am to 4pm excluding Sunday. Admission is free with parking available nearby.

Photography by Martin Cameron