New Year – New Work 2018

January 8, 2018

MWeston_2150GallonsPls_550Carre Gallery’s regular January exhibition; a selection of artwork from Lincolnshire artists which has not been previously exhibited.


Exhibiting Artists:  Nelson Porter, Amber Porter, Anne Barnham, Robin Hall, Celia Slack, Jenny Wood, Dorothy Wood, Tony Whiston, Ann Mackenzie, Ellie Benton, Alex Cook, Elaine O’Donnell, Ronald Feeney, Tony Whiston, Mike Weston.

Exhibition open from 10 am – 4 pm every day (except Sundays) until Sat 03 February.


Images from top:  2150 Gallons Please by Mike Weston; Dusk by Jenny Wood, Angelica by Jenny Wood, A Seascape by Dorothy Wood (these three in one image); Elephant by Ellie Benton; Halloween by Nelson Porter. Artwork photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new tab/window).

New Year – New Work 2014

January 7, 2014

AndreettiWistonHerringNew Year – New Work is now firmly established in the Carre Gallery calendar as the visual kick-start to the year. All work in this exhibition is on public display for the first time, and we have a great show for you.

CarolBrazier_FourCats_400There are large canvas portraits which command your eye as soon as you enter. Further investigation will treat you to some beautifully observed small portraits with quirky titles. There are Landscapes in oils, watercolour and mixed media, Still Life and Abstract with large splashes of colour. We also have four mosaic fish and four cats (held safely in a different room).BarbaraThorpe_RockFish_400

Treat yourself to visual feast and give your tired January eyes a nice boost. Lincolnshire has an abundance of talented artists creating wonderful work. And we have some of their latest work here.  For you.  Now.

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm, Monday to Saturday until 01 February 2014.

JaniceKok_PinkVase_400Exhibiting artists:  Keith Andreetti, Hannah Chambers, Jess Fuller, Iain Harkess, Lee Antony Herring, Louise Brown, Janice Kok, Julia Law, Elaine O’Donnell, Barbara Thorpe, Tony Whiston, Jill Blakey, Roger Pickett, Carol Brazier, Robin Hall, Mona Storey, Ann Mackenzie, Ian Cox.

JessFuller_FlightOfFancy_400Images from top left: Madonna Dolorosa by Keith Andreetti, I’m Happy Too by Tony Whiston, Autumn by Lee Antony Herring, Four Cats by Carol Brazier, Rock Fish by Barbara Thorpe, Pink Vase by Janice Kok, Flight of Fancy by Jess Fuller, Fairy Pods by Julia Law, The Red Coat – North Berwick by Iain Harkess, North West Scotland – a Study in Blue by Roger Pickett.
All artwork photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron.