Sleaford Live 2018

May 1, 2018


This year’s guest artists are Ian Cox and Joan Lawton who are creating a painting on a large 12ft x 6ft panel in the main gallery room.  This will develop during the exhibition and guests are invited to visit more than once to see how it develops.  For the time being, above is an image of work in progress showing the basic elements in place.  Time will reveal the full story of the image.  Our artists will be very happy to discuss this project with you when you visit.  More images will be posted here as the work progresses.


There is a panel of work from the Sleaford Hub Writers created by Hub Writer and local artist Mary Newman.  The Hub Writers will be performing at the Hub during Sleaford Live Festival (check the link below) which runs from Friday 05 May until Sunday 13 May but come into the gallery to see this display panel and get a taster with work from each member.


We also have an impressive display of pen and ink drawings from David Forest as well as paintings/drawings from Robin Hall, Laura Davies, Gail Sylvester, Mary Newman, Crissy Perez, Dave Leggett and Ian Cox.

RHall_ProudMother_550During Live Festival we will have a jigsaw in the gallery which we invite visitors to help complete.

Exhibition open 10 am – 4 pm until 12 May 2018.  (Please note the gallery is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.)

Sleaford Live Festival runs from Friday 04 May until Sunday 13 May.

More details of Live events at


Images from the top:  Live work in progress by Ian Cox and Joan Lawton.  Hub writers’ panel by Mary Newman. Pen and ink drawings by David Forest. Proud Mother by Robin Hall. Shoe and flower themed paintings by Gail Sylvester.  Gallery photographs by Martin Cameron. Sheep image supplied by Robin Hall. Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new window/tab).



Ian Cox with work in progress on Saturday 05 May.   NB: For the remainder of the exhibition at least one of our guest artists will be in the gallery every morning until from approx 10am til 1pm.


Ian Cox and Joan Lawton with the artwork at the end of the exhibition, taken on Saturday 12 May. Photo: Martin Cameron


April 24, 2017

An exhibition is support of Sleaford Live 2017

Somersby_550This year’s theme is Lincolnshire.  This exhibition has a range of artworks, mainly landscapes but with a few surprises.  We have paintings, photographs and even a cleverly constructed box with a Lincolnshire Hare design.

SusyChaplin_LincsHareBox_550During the exhibition Mary Newman will entertain us again by painting a large ‘backdrop’ in the gallery which will be used as part of the scenery in a forthcoming play at the Sleaford Playhouse.  You can drop in and see how the painting progresses, watch how a theatrical scene is painted and chat with Mary who will be happy to see you.  You can also see the finished painting in the production ‘Natural Causes’ at the Playhouse  from 24 May – 27 May (click here for more info and book tickets – opens new window/tab).  Pictures will be posted  here as Mary progresses (but you really need to visit the gallery to appreciate the real thing).

Belton House roof 550We also have some poems on display from the Sleaford Hub Writers who will also be performing at the Hub (The National Centre for Craft and Design) during the Sleaford Live Festival on Tuesday 02 May. (Click here for more info on Sleaford Live Festival.)

Exhibition opening: 10 am – 4 pm every day (excepts Sundays) until 06 May.

PLEASE NOTE: The gallery will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 01 May.

Images from the top:  Paintings by Lorraine Appleton and Malcolm Doughty; Lincolnshire Hare by Suzy Chaplin; Belton House Roof by Martin Cameron; Candlesby Room. All photos by Martin Cameron.



Mary Newman’s painted backdrop for the Sleaford Playhouse production Natural Causes.  If you visit the Playhouse you will see more of Mary’s work adorning the walls of the auditorium.  Be sure to take time to enjoy before the lights go down.



April 25, 2016

An Exhibition in support of Sleaford Live Week.

For this year’s exhibition we gave our artists the general theme ‘Performance’, allowing them to interpret the word as they wished.  We have received some surprising, yet interesting  and quirky interpretations; the performance of nature in flora, fauna and moving landscapes as well images representing music, theatre and sport.

In the second week of this two-week exhibition, during Sleaford Live week we have a couple of performers of our own.

MNewman_WhoDoYouThinkYouAre_500Mary Newman, gallery stalwart who designs and paints theatre back-drops for local drama productions, will be creating a mural on a specially prepared ‘wall’ in the gallery.  The outline of her image has already been started and she will be painting in the gallery on the following days during ‘Live Week’

Mon 02, Tues 03 May:  10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Wed 04, Thur 05, Fri 06 May: 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Mary also produces paintings, ceramics and mixed media artwork and will be staging a solo show ‘Connections’ at the Carre Gallery starting 06 June.

RHall_GardenAcrobat_500Our Artist in Residence, Robin Hall will be in the gallery most afternoons demonstrating his skills in Calligraphy.  Trained as a graphic designer, Robin is best known for his landscapes and animals in watercolour and pencil.  During Sleaford Live Week he will be creating an intricate interpretation of the word ‘Performance’ that visitors can see developing as the week progresses.  Robin says, “The planning takes ages, especially for interlaced patterns but I like the challenge.”

Robin Hall will be staging a joint exhibition ‘Nature and Structure’ with photographer Martin Cameron at the Carre Gallery starting 23 May.

Both Robin and Mary will be happy to discuss their work, the gallery, art in general and the weather.  Don’t be shy.  Come on in.

Also please visit the blog during live week, updates will be added as work progresses.

Exhibition open 10 am – 4 pm until Sat 07 May.  Sleaford Live Week starts on Friday 29 April and continues until Sunday 08 May.

Images: Who do you think you are? (mixed media) by Mary Newman.  Garden Acrobat (coloured pencils) by Robin Hall. Below: Mural Wall and Calligraphy preparation.  Photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version


Live Week Updates:









Abstract Art Exhibition

April 27, 2015

An Exhibition of Art, Poetry and Prose in support of Sleaford Live Week


This year’s theme, Abstract Art, has been inspired by the remarkable record set at Sotheby’s February auction when an abstract painting by Gerhard Richter achieved a price of £30,400,000 (that’s right, over 30 million pounds!). This was a world record for any painting by a living European artist. The canvas titled ‘Abstraktes Bild’ measured 9ft 10in x 8ft 2in and was painted in 1986. Click here to see the painting on Sotheby’s website (opens new window).

Candlesby_450Once again, our Sleaford Live exhibition has two elements; excellent art by local artists with poetry and prose from the Sleaford Hub Writers group.

Now the exhibition is in place the Sleaford Hub Writers will create individual stories and poems for the exhibits, and these will be displayed with the artwork during Sleaford Live week, which starts on Fri 01 May. So it is worth visiting this exhibition twice. Firstly to enjoy your own interpretation of the abstract art; then to revisit to see the literary interpretation from the Hub Writers. Allow yourself to be drawn into this eclectic mix of colours, textures and ideas.

Bainton_450Exhibiting Artists:

Carol Bratley, Gloria Ward, Jana Siebers, Robin Hall, Jenny Lidsey, Anne Dolan, Phil Bowman, Malcolm Doughty, Lee Herring, Liz Williams, Ian Cox, John Lincoln, Paul Stuchbury, Pearl Hudson, Robin Gooch, Graham Humphrey, Ann Mackenzie, Steve Leaning, Anita Mortimer, Jess Fuller, Barbara Leaning, Amber Porter, Mike Weston, Gill Boyle, Nelson Porter, Stuart Vickers, Doug Fossey, Krisztina Theisler, Jayne Fox, Ronald Feeney.

The art exhibition runs from 27 April to 09 May.  The Hub Writers’ poetry and prose will be on display from 01 May until 09 May.  Gallery open 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday.


Pictured above, left to right, art by Anne Dolan, Jenny Lidsey, Robin Hall and Jana Siebers.  Photography by Martin Cameron.  Click any image to see a larger version.

Words and Pictures

April 28, 2014

An Exhibition of Art and Prose in support of Sleaford Live Week

Waiting for Summer - Skegness Pier by Euan Boyd Wallis

Waiting for Summer – Skegness Pier by Euan Boyd Wallis

An exhibition of art in a variety of media. Once again the Sleaford Hub Writers join us at Carre Gallery to create an exhibition of pictures and prose.  The Hub Writers will create short stories for each exhibit consisting of a few words. These will be displayed with the artwork from Friday 02 May as Live Week commences.

Exhibiting artists:  Neville Hull, Ian Cox, Laura-Jane Luff, Moira Garrick, Amber Porter, Christine Grocock, Nelson Porter, Maurine A. Marriott, Euan Boyd Wallis, Robin Hall.

The art exhibition runs from 28 April to 10 May.  The Hub Writers’ prose will be on display from 02 May until 10 May.  Gallery open 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday.



Lincolnshire Perspectives

April 29, 2013

An exhibition of paintings and prose in support of Sleaford Live

Morning Mist by Malcolm Doughty

Morning Mist by Malcolm Doughty

An exhibition 0n the theme “Lincolnshire Perspectives” in a variety of media, including acrylic, collagraph, gouache, oil, pastel, pen and ink, and watercolour.  Once again the Sleaford Hub Writers join us at Carre Gallery to create an exhibition of pictures and prose in support of Sleaford Live Week.  The Hub Writers will create a six-word story for each exhibit and these will be displayed with the artwork from Friday 03 May in readiness for Live Week.
Exhibiting artists:  Derek Ashman, Anne Barnham, Frances Brice, Ian C Cox, Malcolm Doughty, Muriel Elliott, V Wendy Else, Ronald Feeney, Russell David Foster, Robin Hall, Iain Harkess, Peter Hayward, John Lincoln, Laura-Jane Luff, Frank W Marston, Barbara Melling, Elizabeth Smith.

The art exhibition runs from 29 April to 18 May.  The Hub Writers’ prose will be on display from 03 May until 18 May.



LincsPerspecPV_6381_400On Thursday evening 02 May the gallery hosted a private view for Exhibitors, writers and guests.  The Hub Writers’s short stories were on display with the artwork for all to enjoy.  The artwork inspired written work which ranged from philosophical and serious to the irreverent and hilarious.    The assembled throng was also treated to a selection of readings performed by members of the Hub Writers.  Many thanks to those who organised the event and to those who attended and helped us make the evening an enjoyable occasion.


Exhibition runs until Saturday 18 May.

Photography by Martin Cameron

Last-minute Touches by Baz East

Paintings and Haiku

Once again Carre Gallery supports Sleaford Live by staging a two-week exhibition of images celebrating performing arts.  The Sleaford Hub Writers will create Haiku poetry especially for these images and each short poem will be added to the exhibition alongside its partner image for Sleaford Live Week (04 – 13 May).

You too are invited to drop into the gallery and compose Haiku on the theme of performing arts, taking your inspiration from the exhibition.  Haiku is three lines long and ideally (but not necessarily) contains 17 syllables arranged in the order 5-7-5 as shown in the example below, which also contains your instructions!

Hey Hamlet, your dad's calling again! by Neville Hull

Performing Arts Haiku

Look at a painting,

See colour, movement and life –

Then let your words sing.

Write your Haiku on the simple entry form (available in the gallery) and hand in at the desk.  Prizes will be awarded for best modern Haiku in two age categories, under 16 and over 16.  There will also be an award for the best traditional Haiku.

In the Mood by Carol Bratley

The Somersby and Bainton rooms have an excellent mixture of images on the theme of Performing Art while the Candlesby room displays a mixed exhibition of various subject matter to give you a wide source of inspiration. Anyone can do it, young or old; so come in and have a go.

Exhibition Opening:  10 am – 4 pm every day from Mon 30 April until Sat 12 May.

Performing Arts Haiku by Summerdaze