Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

Private View and Awards Evening

Yet again Carre Gallery received a record number of entries for the summer open exhibition.  Popular with both artists and art-lovers this event has been extended to create a four-week show.  So there is no excuse for not getting to see the exhibition first hand.

 This year’s guest judge is Rob Davis, Executive Editor of Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.  “I suppose you’d expect me to say it’s a pleasure to be asked to award a special prize to one artist in this competition on behalf of Lincolnshire Pride. However, it’s not just a hollow compliment, it really is true.”

“I’m very happy to see a competition with such an open brief; an artist should be unrestricted, able to work in their medium with a subject of their choice.  But with over sixty exhibits, it’s been a hard task to choose one, made even more so because the open brief gives so much scope in terms of subject and media.”

“I feel rotten about naming just one piece, but not too rotten because I think the piece I’ve chosen is fabulous.  Congratulations then go  to… (pause… I’ve seen the TV talent shows, I know how to built up anticipation) Liz Pearson for her fused glass panel entitled Freedom.”

Freedom by Liz Pearson with detail (right) – Glass with Print

Freedom (glass with print) by Liz Pearson wins the prestigious Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.  “This  fused glass panel looks amazing. I can’t work out how Liz produced the piece but I’m looking forward to finding out. It’s contemporary, it looks great and it’s really got a tactile quality; I just wanted to sort of reach out and feel the relief print.”  Liz wins a feature article in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

Sunflowers (acrylic on board) by Martin Page wins the Carre Gallery Award of £50.  Judged by representatives from the Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust directors, Management Team and volunteers. “Novel composition, use of colour and technique producing an image that impressed at many levels. This is a painting that pleased and intrigued the judges with its style and content”.

So Tranquil (oils) by Frances Brice wins the Director’s Award of a bottle of champagne.  Chosen by gallery director and co-founder Christopher Hodgson:  “A delightfully English landscape  and modern rendering of a timeless image. Excellent technique and detail in a charming painting and perfectly fitting for a ‘Director’s Choice’.”

Other work which gets a special mention from our guest judge.

“Rather than just naming one piece I’d love to just draw your attention to some other pieces that really stood out, illustrating the variety of media in which the artists have worked.

A New Spring Dawn (Textiles) by Jill Cousner – “Lovely use of mixed media textiles to create an evocative image.”

Fountains Abbey (photography) by Sian Williams –  “This photographic study of Fountain’s Abbey I particularly loved with its colours and natural lighting.”

The Gate (gouache) by Kaye Miller-Dewing – “Kaye’s pastoral scenes really draw me in; they’re really calming scenes with a utopian quality.”

Wave Form. Series 5 (pen, ink & watercolour) by Jennifer Cottis – “Wave Form is really contemporary but absolutely brilliant. Intricate with a minimal quality, and a really contrasty beautiful punch to it; very effective.”

(Left) Guest Judge Rob Davis with Liz Pearson. (Centre) Martin Page (glasses) with Gallery Director Eddy Double. (Right) Frances Brice.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday until 11 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open, especially to Executive Editor Rob Davis, our guest judge who deliberated with great enthusiasm and careful consideration.

Exhibition artists: Jill Cousner, Tony Orvis, Jennifer Cottis, Martin Page, Frances Brice, Martin Cameron, Jess Fuller, Neville Hull, Robin Hall, Carol Bratley, David Truman, Elaine O’Donnell, Liz Pearson, Denise Hawthorne, Peter Greenhill, Ernie Butler, Lorraine Preece, Malcolm Doughty, Peter Hayward, Baz East, Robin Gooch, Ian Cox, Ann Mackenzie, Laura-Jane Luff, Jackie Mills, Kaye Miller-Dewing, Anne Dolan, Anita Mortimer, Sian Williams, Derek Ashman, Margaret Fraser Cameron.

Awards Evening and artwork photographed by Martin Cameron

Preview Evening: Photos by Steve Woods

Yet again the Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Open Exhibition attracted a record number of entries.  And the work was of the usual high standard we have come to expect from Lincolnshire Artists.  The competition was judged by renowned artist Michael Webster who announced the winners at the preview evening on Monday 18 July, the opening day of the exhibition.  Michael said, “The exhibition contains something for almost everyone with a very wide range of subjects and styles from traditional techniques like watercolours, linocuts and pen and pencil drawings, to ultra-realism and abstracts.  All share a common end; the enjoyment of art and creativity, the pleasure of painting and the hard graft of achieving the aims of the artist’s inner eye.”

Portrait of a Young Man (oil on canvas) by Neville Hull wins the prestigious Lincolnshire Pride Award for Best in Show.  “This oil painting is an especially well-realised composition handled brilliantly with an almost Joseph Wright of Derby quality in the use of a light source and the brushwork.”  Neville wins a feature article in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

Split Decision (Collagraph) by Tony Orvis wins the Carre Gallery Award of £50. “This is a collagraph with stunning colour, texture and composition.”

British Girl in Turkey (coloured charcoal on scored paper) by Ann Stoker wins the Judge’s Award.  “I like the graphic illustrative quality of this piece; it has the feel of an etching and I like the touch of colour on the scarf of the right hand figure.  (Ann wins art materials kindly donated by Michael and Anna Webster.)

Other work which gets a special mention:

Serenity (linocut) by Louise Stebbing – “ As a man who is old enough to have learnt lithography using stones and who still bears the scars from attempting lino cutting I realise that the technique used in Louise’s linocuts is not easy.  I especially like Serenity.

Sardine Tin (textile box) by Kate Pike – “I really like the colour, craftsmanship and techniques of Kate’s Sardine Tin .  Look at the attention to detail especially in the four feet it stands on (foot detail shot above).”

Rameses by Robin Gooch has really well-handled light and shade and a ‘special moment’ feel to it – somehow it reminds me of the work of Andrew Wyeth.”

Neville Hull (left) with Michael Webster and the winning painting 'Portrait of a Young Man'. Photo Steve Woods

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday until 06 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open, all artists who entered, our guest judge Michael Webster and our volunteers who work hard to keep the gallery open for us all.

Exhibiting artists:  Neville Hull, Tony Orvis, Ann Stoker, Louise Stebbing, Kate Pike, Robin Gooch, Janey Hill, Mona Storey, Rosi Campbell, Leszek Dabrowski, Wendy Dabrowska, Martin Cameron, Ian Cox, Tina Robson, Derek Ashman, Robin Hall, Elaine O’Donnell, Kim Wooldridge, Claire Leach, Peter Hayward, Carol Bratley, David Scargill, Muriel Elliott, Steve Woods, Martin Campbell, Robin Mackenzie, Ann Mackenzie, Claire Alwyn-Clark, Anita Mortimer, Hedley Cross, Laura-Jane Luff, Peter Stannett.

Mixed Exhibition

June 13, 2011

Ingredients by Ian Cox - Gouache

The Carre Gallery is currently showing a mixed exhibition of work from a number of Lincolnshire artists displaying work in a variety of media.

Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride – Summer Open Competition and Exhibition

It’s that time of year again. You are invited to submit work for the Carre Gallery Open Summer Exhibition which has become a much-anticipated fixture in the local Arts calendar.

The Summer Exhibition will run for three weeks from 18 July 2011.  There will be a preview evening on Monday 18 July between 6 pm and 8 pm; all artists submitting work are invited to attend.

Each artist may submit up to three 2D or small 3D artworks and, after selection, we look forward to an exhibition with broad appeal showcasing the wide-ranging talent that our county holds. Once again we have the support of Lincolnshire Pride Magazine who will be providing a feature article of the artist whose entry is judged Best in Show.  Carre Gallery will award £50 for another selected artwork.
The submission deadline is 02 July 2011 but to keep our admin workload to a minimum (we are all unpaid volunteers!) we ask you to complete and return the entry form as soon as possible.  Your artwork can be delivered closer to the deadline. Please see the entry form on the News Page.