The Windham Hime Memorial Exhibition 2019

Sponsored by Rupert King and Company, Chartered Accountants

CloudTheme_P1010807_550“Allsorts ” is not the liquorice sort, but a description of the variety of media and themes. Mary treats us to another quirky exhibition with ‘traditional’ art, theatre pieces, post-it-note doodles and a few interesting stories and anecdotes with associated artworks.  Look out for the suspicious package – a true story (and the snails!)


“I was born and raised in Bristol but have lived in Ruskington, then Sleaford for over 40 years. Aged forty-two I graduated from Hull Art College with a BA (hons) Fine Art.
Back in Sleaford I took on Adult Education Art classes and gained a City and Guilds 730 Certificate in adult teaching.  I retired having taught for 17 years.”

Package_P1010805_550“These days I am involved in running the Carre Gallery, belong to the Sleaford Hub Writers, Sleaford Art Group and Sleaford Little Theatre group. I have been painting theatre scenery for for about 20 years off and on, mostly for the pantomimes at Heckington and Sleaford. My friends who give me lots of support were all born in the same year as me! We call ourselves the 45ers.”

“I hope my exhibition will amuse and entertain you.”

CatDoodles_P1010817_550The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm every day (except Sunday) until 27 May 2019.

Images from the top: Clouds?; Venice (or closer to home? – look again); Suspicious package?; Cat Doodles; Private View.

Photographs by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new window/tab).




An exhibition of paintings and photography by gallery founder Windham Hime

Sponsored by Rupert King & Co – Chartered Accountants, Grantham


Carre Gallery came about as a result of a conversation in 2008 between gallery director Christopher Hodgson and Windham about the lack of any local gallery for artists to display their work. As Chris explains, “With the help of others we set up a small charity, The Sleaford Gallery arts Trust, to open and operate Carre Gallery. Windham and his wife Margaret were the driving force behind the project; it would not have happened without their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment.”

WHime_StillLifeWithBarrel_550“Windham’s untimely death in 2009 was a big blow but it is testament to his achievement that the gallery continues to run successfully with the help of an enthusiastic team of volunteers and exhibiting artists. The gallery has also developed as a meeting place for local artists and a venue for them to demonstrate their technique to each other and visitors to the gallery.”

“The gallery celebrates its tenth anniversary with an exhibition of some of Windham’s own work.  The paintings are being lent to the gallery for the exhibition by their present owners.”

There is also a selection of photographs by Windham kindly supplied by Margaret Hime.  This includes commercial work, commissioned historical records of people and country life as well as some nicely observed personal work.


Windham Hime – 06 February 1936 – 28 December 2009

By Margaret Hime

WindhamHime_550Windham was born in Kuala Lumpur where he spent his early years. With the coming of the war in the Far East he arrived in England via Australia and South Africa.   On leaving Bryanston School he joined the RAF as an armaments officer and served for five years in Ireland and Germany.

His love for photography came to the fore on joining Kodak and he became a technical advisor; then as a training officer for Rank Xerox. He later spent many years as a freelance photographer in Wales and later in Lincolnshire, with many commissions from Kodak for trade exhibitions, Powys Council to cover industry and farming, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust recording development of new sites, along with newspaper and magazine work. Around the year 2000 he produced a photographic archive of Lincolnshire farming for the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

WHime_FenlandCoast_550Windham started painting whilst spending school holidays in Ireland; his parents had retired there after leaving the Customs Service in Malaya. He continued to paint throughout his life and exhibited widely, painting mainly in oils but also experimenting with pastels. His love was always for the landscape. On arriving in Lincolnshire he was able to devote more time to his art and became interested in helping promote fellow artists.

The most important work for Windham for the last two of years of his life was as Director of the Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust and the running of the Carre Gallery for Lincolnshire artists who live and work in the county. Windham’s aim was to promote an interest in art and art appreciation for a wider audience from children to adults, with the help of the gallery and with any teaching and exhibitions that he could do himself.

He would be pleased to see that Carre Gallery is continuing to promote Lincolnshire artists.  I congratulate the Trust and all the volunteers, who give their time, and the artists, who display their work, for reaching your tenth anniversary.

The exhibition is open every day (except Sunday) until Saturday 27 November 2018.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Rupert King and Company, Chartered Accountants – Grantham for their generous support in sponsoring this exhibition.


All artwork by Windham Hime (except the painted portrait of Windham in top photo by Phil Janes). Gallery photographs by Martin Cameron. Photograph of Windham by Margaret Hime.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in a new window/tab).




Jennifer Cottis was educated in London, the hub of art and design in the ‘swinging sixties’. Two years at Ealing School of Art were followed by three studying Industrial Design at the Central School of Art and Design, in London, one of the top colleges in the country. She graduated top of year and was twice awarded the Royal Society of Arts student travelling bursary for Design. This was followed by a successful career as a staff designer and design consultant.

J_Cottis_550As a design educator she has been a visiting lecturer and external examiner at many university Art and Design Departments, a Senior Lecturer at Swindon School of Art and Goldsmiths College, University of London, Principal Lecturer and Head of Industrial Design at the Central School of Art and Design, and Academic Development Manager at Lincoln College of Art and Design.

Following a career as a designer and educator she now concentrates full time on Art. Her drawings, paintings and sculptures have been exhibited widely in public and private galleries throughout the country and have won several top prizes.  Examples of designs and a biography have been included in major exhibitions at the prestigious Design Centre Stuttgart and the International Design Centre Berlin. Jennifer also runs courses in drawing and oil painting for adults.

JCottis_MarketDayStRemyDeProvence_550This exhibition displays examples from her work. It ranges from both large and small landscape paintings in oils, developed from the many watercolours in her travel sketch books (some of which are available to purchase as prints) to portraiture, seascapes and sculptures.

The depiction of the sea is a recurring subject with a personal visual language that frequently moves between two and three dimensions. Drawings translated into sculptures – sculptures into further developments in drawing and painting.


Exhibition opening times: 10 am – 4 pm from 27 March until 08 April.  (Gallery is closed on Sundays.)

JCottis_Owl_550Jennifer will be in the gallery on the following days and will be happy to talk about her work.

Monday 27 March: 1 – 3pm
Tuesday 28 March:  1 – 3pm
Monday 03 April:  1 – 3pm
Wednesday 05 April:  11am – 1pm

Images from top: Shade by the Church near Nyons: Jennifer Cottis at Carre Gallery: Market Day – St-Rémy-de-Provence: Owl.  Gallery photographs taken by Martin Cameron.  Photos of paintings supplied by Jennifer Cottis.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new tab or window).



Bainton and Somersby Rooms



Woman Glancing Sideways – Small Head with Beanie – Small Head with Hat

This year’s invited artist is popular artist Lyn Lovitt who is exhibiting a comprehensive range of her work including ceramic sculptures, drawings, lino cuts and recent paintings.

Having spent several years working in studio potteries in Surrey and London she moved to Lincolnshire where she has constantly been inspired by the landscape of wold and fen with the impressive backdrop of large open skies.

Lyn will be at the gallery and will be pleased to welcome all visitors and talk about her work.

Exhibition Opening:

Mon 02 March until Sat 14 March every day except Sundays: 10 am – 4.30 pm.

left: The Striped Cloth. Right: Mainly ceramics.

left: The Striped Cloth. Right: Mainly ceramics.

Artwork photographed at Carre Gallery by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version.

Mixed Approaches:

Traditional and Modern Paintings by Baz East

Baz East with Summer Rain

Baz East with Summer Rain

Field Patterns

Field Patterns

Baz East entered his first studio as a trainee in 1954 and spent much of his early career in commercial art followed by a number of years in scientific and technical illustration. Baz was extensively commissioned in freelance book illustration; the Warne’s series of Observer books alone contain over 500 of his illustrations. He worked for the Open University, Department of Graphic Design, from which he took early retirement from his position of Senior Graphic Artist in 1988 with the aim of painting full-time. Landscapes and outdoor themes predominate his work with oil and watercolours; oil being the main media of his choice.

Awaiting the Tide

Awaiting the Tide

Most of the work in this exhibition has never been exhibited before and, as well as his more traditional landscapes, it includes abstract work which Baz has been working on very recently.

Exhibition Opening:

Mon 03 Feb until Sat 15 Feb: 10 am – 4 pm (closed Sundays).

Artwork and Baz photographed at Carre Gallery by Martin Cameron

L-R: AB14 - Two : AB14-Four : Shifting Elements

L-R: AB14 – Two : AB14-Four : Shifting Elements

Neville Hull with 'Unknown 6'

Neville Hull with ‘Unknown 6’

An Exhibition by Neville Hull

This year’s Windham Hime Memorial Exhibition features work by the award-winning Lincolnshire artist Neville Hull.  A graduate of Chelsea College of Art, Neville has exhibited work at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln, The Ferens Gallery in Hull, and most recently at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln.  In recent years Neville has won several prestigious prizes for his portraits, notably the Lincolnshire Pride Award, achieved at the Carre Gallery’s very own summer exhibition in 2010, and first prize in the Willoughby Memorial Trust Gallery open art competition of 2011.  Outside the UK his work hangs in private collections in France and Australia.

Stanley by Neville Hull

Stanley by Neville Hull

This exhibition centres on a set of portraits of war veterans, a three-year project that Neville says represents a lifelong wish to express his empathy for those caught up in the horror of warfare.  Having been struck by a powerful image of Vietnamese soldiers in the news media of the 1960s Neville was drawn back to this subject matter for this exhibition.

The large Somersby Room at the gallery houses three large haunting images of ‘The Betrayed’ along with a smaller image displaying the infamous slogan ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Labour makes you free) posted at the entrance of many German concentration camps.

The Bainton Room has a display of portraits entitled ‘Veterans’.  Neville explains, “I decided to make a series of pictures to identify with and celebrate the ordinary human who finds himself involved in the crazy nightmare called war.  I want to celebrate these men as examples of their kind, awarding them, and the countless others who they represent, respect for their exposure to the extremity of human experience found in war.”

Alongside these powerful images are some war-themed poems including ‘Anthem for a doomed Youth’ by English poet and soldier Wilfred Owen who was killed in action in 1918.

Although perhaps best known for his detailed portraiture, Neville’s current work includes imaginative abstract and figurative paintings and drawings in a range of media, some of which are displayed in the Candlesby Room of the gallery.

Exhibition Opening:  Mon 04 Feb until Sat 16 Feb: 10 am – 4 pm (closed Sundays).

Captive 3 (left) and Foul (right) by Neville Hull

Captive 3 (left) and Foul (right) by Neville Hull

Images of artwork supplied by the artist.  Photograph of Neville Hull by Martin Cameron.

Now and Then – An exhibition of paintings by Malcolm Doughty

Malcolm Doughty and Guests

This year’s invited artist, Malcolm Doughty has been a professional artist for the last 39 years. Although he paints to commission with a wide variety of subject matter, he endeavours to keep the emphasis on all things Lincolnshire, its landscape, towns, villages and characters.

Sunset, Snow and Frost by Malcolm Doughty

In spite of his long career and popularity as an artist Malcolm  admits it is quite some time since he staged a solo exhibition.  Although trying to make the subject matter as broad as possible, including portraits and an abstract, he is drawn to his local landscapes.

In a recent interview with the Sleaford Standard he says: “Even after 39 years of recording parts of Lincolnshire I still get a great deal of inspiration within walking distance of my home between Ancaster an South Rauceby.”

“I tend to focus on overlooked corners and byways but there are a few well-known views that I couldn’t resist and one with historical interest to Sleaford people.”

Malcolm’s art and poetry were featured in last year’s Poetry, Paintings and Prose exhibition at Carre Gallery last year, and he has included some of his Lincolnshire-inspired poems in this exhibition.

The exhibition is open 10 am – 4 pm, Mon – Sat  from 12 March until 24 March.

The Bridge at Helpringham by Malcolm Doughty