Portrait Exhibition 2016

October 3, 2016

Lincolnshire Portrait Competition


The Carre Gallery Portrait Exhibition – a mixture of painting, drawing, photography and ceramics. The exhibition will be judged in the early stages of the exhibition with the winner being announced on Thursday 06 October.  Revisit this blog post for updates.


As usual we invite all visitors to vote for their favourite portrait for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ presented at the end of the exhibition.

dpeterson_jack_500Exhibiting artists: Laura-Jane Luff, Neil Topley, Keith Flint, Bob Bradley, Laura McKeegan, Mary Newman, Anita Mortimer, Eric Weil, Rosi Campbell, Laura Davies, Ellie Benton, Jennifer Cottis, Gillian Beale, Mona Storey, Ann Mackenzie, Donnas Peterson, Peter Hayward, Rebecca Henson, Martin Cameron, Irina Smyth, Gail Sylvester, Dave Leggett, A K Smith, Kim Wooldridge.

Exhibition runs 10 am – 4 pm from Monday 03 October until Saturday 15 October.  (The gallery is closed on Sundays.)



The results were announced at the private view on Thursday evening 06 October.  It was a pleasure to see artists with family and friends at the gallery.  Gallery Director Andrew Fotheringham welcomed our guests and announced the results.


“Our judge was Lucy Lumb from Arts NK who was very impressed with the high standard of work.  She said that, as well as judging the merits of the work on composition and technique she was looking for a portrait that communicated the personality of the sitter to her.”  Andrew went on to share Lucy’s thoughts, reproduced below, on her shortlist before announcing the winning image.


Winner of the Carre Gallery Portrait Competition 2016

Lara by Rebecca Henson  “A portrait of a young girl, unusual in as much as she has her coat hood up.  The colouring is unusual but works perfectly. The picture has a ‘glow’ and the girl’s expression is very engaging.  I kept being drawn back to this image so I had to choose it as my favourite.”


Julian by Rosi Campbell.  “Very accomplished technically and aesthetically.  The sitter seems in deep contemplation.  I could easily imagine this painting displayed in a top gallery.”


Gertie by Gail Sylvester.  A lovely character; every time I look at this I smile.


Dad by Neil Topley.  Simple, confident application of the media.  It is not over-worked yet still communicates the character.   Even though the title would suggest it, the piece gives the impression that the sitter is very comfortable with the artist.

Norman by Laura-Jane Luff.  This showed something of the ‘twinkle’ in Norman’s character.


Carre Gallery would like to congratulate our winner and offer our sincere thanks to our judge, Lucy Lumb, and to all exhibitors and volunteers for their continuing support.



Nicholas (oil on canvas) by Laura-Jane Luff won the People’s Choice Award.  Congratulations to Laura-Jane.  Other popular images were Gertie by Gail Sylvester, Peter with his Guitar by Jennifer Cottis, and Julian by Rosi Campbell. All these images can be seen in the blog post above. (Peter is on the left in the top image.)

Artwork and people photographed at the gallery by Martin Cameron.  Click on any image to see a larger version (opens in new window/tab).

Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Exhibition

Private View and Presentation Evening

Private View and Presentation Evening

2014 is another record year for entries.  Mary Newman of the gallery management team says, “The Summer Show increases in popularity each year and the general standard of work improves every time.  We are very pleased to see some excellent work from new exhibitors as well as from many of our regular contributors.”  At the private view and presentation evening, held on Monday 14 July, the Carre Gallery Award and Directors’ Award were presented by Director Eddy Double.


Pomegranate (oil) by Janey Hill wins the Carre Gallery Award.  Chosen by the gallery Management who were, “impressed by how paint was applied in an almost sculptural way using a palette knife.  Choosing to study a single object the artist has created presence and power.   Layers of colour give the image depth and solidity.”


Yellow Field (acrylic on board) by Euan Boyd-Wallis wins the Directors’ Award.

SummerPV_7421The Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award was selected by our guest judge, artist Michelle Bird, who kindly joined us to make a presentation on the evening.  “Having to choose from all the entries was not an easy task, particularly as there is merit to be found in all the works of art.  The paintings have been a real delight to look at.”


Leaves from Eternity (acrylic) by John Lincoln wins the Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Award.  Says Michelle, “I found this painting, inspired by a poem by John Clare, both beautiful and intriguing. I sat for quite some time looking at it. The subtlety of colouring and layering of paint were quite mesmerising.”

Gallery Director Christopher Hodgson presenting award certificates to (form left) John Lincoln,  Janey Hill and Euan Boyd-Wallis.

From left to right: Gallery Director Christopher Hodgson presenting award certificates to John Lincoln, Janey Hill and Euan Boyd-Wallis.


The winner of the People’s Choice Award is Chris Jones for her study of a dog called Bad Hair Day.  Chris came into the gallery to have her prize presented by Christopher Hodgson.

Bad Hair Day by Chris Jones

Bad Hair Day by Chris Jones

Christopher Hodgson presents Chris Jones with her People's Choice Award for 'Bad Hair Day' (pictured).

Christopher Hodgson presents Chris Jones with her People’s Choice Award for ‘Bad Hair Day’.

Other work which receives a special mention from our guest judge:


Baby Stay Close  by Anita Mortimer (graphite) “shows a powerful composition and areas of fine detail and contrast.”


The Old Barn Woolsthorpe (graphite) by Tony Whiston “shows a wonderful variety of mark-making that creates the form and sense of place for this wonderful little drawing.”


The Beck – Staithes (oil) by S. Amelia. “One can see a lovely blending of colours and gets the sense that the painter really was sitting down in this area of sand, painting life as it passed her by. A fleeting moment is captured.”

Janey Hill explores the properties of paint and colour vividly in her still-life Pomegranate (see above), an ordinary object easily taken for granted which here has a strong presence of its own and, might I add, looks ready to eat.”


Just a little bit of cheese (watercolour) by Elaine O’Donnell.  “Continuing with the theme of food, this watercolour shows beautiful fine detail, particularly around the doyley. Both the angles and the colour create a vibrant composition. (I think though, just looking at the mouse, he’s had rather a lot of cheese – contrary to the title.)

Click on any image to see an enlarged view.

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday from 14 July until 09 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open.


Awards evening and artwork photographed by Martin Cameron.





Preview Evening: Photos by Steve Woods

Yet again the Carre Gallery and Lincolnshire Pride Magazine Summer Open Exhibition attracted a record number of entries.  And the work was of the usual high standard we have come to expect from Lincolnshire Artists.  The competition was judged by renowned artist Michael Webster who announced the winners at the preview evening on Monday 18 July, the opening day of the exhibition.  Michael said, “The exhibition contains something for almost everyone with a very wide range of subjects and styles from traditional techniques like watercolours, linocuts and pen and pencil drawings, to ultra-realism and abstracts.  All share a common end; the enjoyment of art and creativity, the pleasure of painting and the hard graft of achieving the aims of the artist’s inner eye.”

Portrait of a Young Man (oil on canvas) by Neville Hull wins the prestigious Lincolnshire Pride Award for Best in Show.  “This oil painting is an especially well-realised composition handled brilliantly with an almost Joseph Wright of Derby quality in the use of a light source and the brushwork.”  Neville wins a feature article in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

Split Decision (Collagraph) by Tony Orvis wins the Carre Gallery Award of £50. “This is a collagraph with stunning colour, texture and composition.”

British Girl in Turkey (coloured charcoal on scored paper) by Ann Stoker wins the Judge’s Award.  “I like the graphic illustrative quality of this piece; it has the feel of an etching and I like the touch of colour on the scarf of the right hand figure.  (Ann wins art materials kindly donated by Michael and Anna Webster.)

Other work which gets a special mention:

Serenity (linocut) by Louise Stebbing – “ As a man who is old enough to have learnt lithography using stones and who still bears the scars from attempting lino cutting I realise that the technique used in Louise’s linocuts is not easy.  I especially like Serenity.

Sardine Tin (textile box) by Kate Pike – “I really like the colour, craftsmanship and techniques of Kate’s Sardine Tin .  Look at the attention to detail especially in the four feet it stands on (foot detail shot above).”

Rameses by Robin Gooch has really well-handled light and shade and a ‘special moment’ feel to it – somehow it reminds me of the work of Andrew Wyeth.”

Neville Hull (left) with Michael Webster and the winning painting 'Portrait of a Young Man'. Photo Steve Woods

The exhibition is open from 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday until 06 August.  Admission is free with free parking available nearby.

Carre Gallery would like to thank Lincolnshire Pride Magazine for its continued support of the Summer Open, all artists who entered, our guest judge Michael Webster and our volunteers who work hard to keep the gallery open for us all.

Exhibiting artists:  Neville Hull, Tony Orvis, Ann Stoker, Louise Stebbing, Kate Pike, Robin Gooch, Janey Hill, Mona Storey, Rosi Campbell, Leszek Dabrowski, Wendy Dabrowska, Martin Cameron, Ian Cox, Tina Robson, Derek Ashman, Robin Hall, Elaine O’Donnell, Kim Wooldridge, Claire Leach, Peter Hayward, Carol Bratley, David Scargill, Muriel Elliott, Steve Woods, Martin Campbell, Robin Mackenzie, Ann Mackenzie, Claire Alwyn-Clark, Anita Mortimer, Hedley Cross, Laura-Jane Luff, Peter Stannett.

Competition Judge Rosi Campbell (left) speaking at the preview.

Competition was fierce with a substantial increase of entries in this second annual competition with both professional and amateur artists vying for selection.  Careful consideration and debate resulted in 45 artworks being selected for the exhibition.

The best in show was announced at the preview on Monday 09 August by guest judge, artist Rosi Campbell, who is Arts Director at Arts Coritani in Swineshead. “The work is of a very high standard and it was particularly difficult to make my final selection from six pieces short listed in this impressive and exciting exhibition.”

Rosi explained that her selection is based on the criteria of “skill, personal statement and mystery”.

Winter Count (pastel) by Janine Fennel-Ross evokes the mystery of a drug-state with its ghostly psychedelic effects.

Ruby Fields (textiles) by Jill Cousner shows great use of texture and colour.

Sisters (acrylic) by Lucie Williams is described as a “fine beginning from an artist who I expect will produce exceptional art in the future.”  Praise indeed!

Have you Brought any Bread Today? (acrylic) by Gail Tointon Das is praised not only for its composition but for the ‘wonderful application of paint’.

Red Roses (watercolour) by Joanna Woods is a “beautiful, careful, descriptive watercolour work with evident enthusiasm for the chosen medium.”

Artist Jana Siebers with her winning artwork – Study for Drift Pass Big Red

And finally the winning entry Study for Drift Pass Big Red, a painting in oil by professional artist Jana Siebers.  Rosi says that this work meets all the criteria showing exceptional artistic skill and personal expression.  Jan Siebers wins a three-page feature in Lincolnshire Pride Magazine.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 21 August 2010, daily 10am to 4pm excluding Sunday. Admission is free with parking available nearby.

Photography by Martin Cameron